September 19, 2016

ABC Stall No. 11 @Pending Seafood Centre, Kuching

Location: Lorong Simen Raya 2, Pending Industrial Estate, 93450 Kuching (Pending Seafood Centre)

I never know there's a ABC (ais batu campur) stall here at Pending Seafood Centre until a friend mentioned its ice kacang taste good like no other in Kuching. The journey to Pending Seafood Centre is quite a distant from my house, so I rarely go there. But in fact this place is another good choice for seafood other than Top Spot Food Court in Kuching. Somehow I reckon their seafood is much fresher than at Top Spot Food Court because the fisherman's wharf is just nearby.

The ABC stall is a bit worn-out, 2 - 3 tables in front of the shop. Majority of the customers came for take-away and their take-away portion was really big, like a family consumption size. I can imagine how happy their kids will be when their father brought it home.

Their menus are wrapped with plastic bag that blurred out the wording. Other than ABC, they have rojak too.

The ABC. I can't remember I ordered ABC or special, but I remember there was no cendol inside. Overall it tastes equally good as Swee Kang's. But the shaved ice is slightly coarse.

This is the stall with no name nor signboard. Only their regular customers know its existence.

At the entrance, Boon Seng Seafood Industries is on your right hand side.

Map to Pending Seafood Centre.

I don't know their business hour. Will try to make a second visit and update this blog entry in the future.

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