September 28, 2016

Ah Suok Mee Sua @Double Happiness Cafe, Green Heights, Kuching

Address: KCLD, Lot 10039 & 10040, Block 16, Lorong Lanpangan Terbang 2, Green Heights Commercial Centre, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak.
Business hours: 5:35 - 5:40am until 2:00pm; Off every Tuesday

 The other day my friend and I had brunch here and I was quite surprised there were variety of choices. As we wanted to have a quick fix, I skipped the stalls that required long waiting time. It was Sunday, so the business was very good since the church was just next to it. I had nasi lemak instead, which the taste was just average.

Last month I went back again with my bro. So I managed to try out the stall at front that was popular the other day. Finally had a closer look at its menu. They are selling Foochow delicacies, such as mee sua, "Ding Bian Hu" (鼎边糊), gong pia, and sio bee. I'm quite impressed that they have extensive mee sua menu too. Felt so tempted to try it all, but decided to try out the chicken soup with vegetable noodles and Ding Bian Hu first.

The taste of cuttlefish pork leg mee sua (臭积柴墨鱼猪脚面线) is not commonly acceptable to public because of the strong herb smell, even I myself had the hesitation to consume the soup cooked with this type of herb (臭积柴) when I was a kid. Patin contains 8 types of herbs, it has slightly sweetness. These are all my favourites, except I have never tried this "chicken soup natural vegetable mee".

They sell also sio bee and gong pia. Haven't try so can't give any comment yet.

This is ding bian hu (鼎边糊), can't resist not to have it. But I was not so impressed with its taste, maybe it was because the chicken soup was tastier by comparison.

Foochow chicken soup with vegetable noodles, this combination looks special. No regret to order this as the portion is generous, two chunk pieces of chicken meat with big bowl of soup. Slurp! The chicken soup is cooked with Foochow red wine that caused the red colour. A bowl of this costs RM6 with egg, without egg only RM5.

I'd definitely go back to try out other mee sua too. Have to bring a friend or two so that we can order more and share. It's worth to try, hmm... feel like having Patin mee sua on my next visit.

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