September 12, 2016

真功夫 Real Kungfu, Guangzhou

Real Kungfu is the fast food chain established its first branch in Guangzhou. Now it has branches across more than 30 cities in China. Its fast food concept is similar to McDonald's or KFC, the difference is that they focus on steamed foods which is more health conscious.

What's good about this fast food restaurant is that they are available early in the morning too. Generally the malls in Guangzhou open at 10am, even the restaurants. So while we were waiting for the time to pass in a mall, we decided to have our breakfast here. The breakfast menus are attractive though the variety is limited, price range from RMB 7 to RMB 14. If you are interested to view their breakfast menu, click here. They will switch to lunch menus at 10:30am.

Our breakfast, porridge with century egg, glutinous rice chicken, steamed buns, and hot soy bean.

Pork steamed buns + porridge, only RMB 12.

Generally all the porridge / congee in Guangzhou taste delicious. Porridge is always a good choice for breakfast. But it digests fast so it's good to have it with submenu, such as buns or glutinous rice.

The glutinous rice chicken in lotus leaf. The taste is acceptable, above average. The portion is slighter smaller than I thought. This glutinous rice chicken + porridge costs RMB 12.50.

I will definitely patronise again in the future. Just that... their lunch menus are slightly expensive for me. If you go on budget, you can get your meal done at Family Mart or 7-Eleven.

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