September 3, 2016

ShunJi Icehouse 顺记冰室 & BaoHua Noodles 宝华面店 @BaoHua Road 宝华路, Guangzhou

Address of ShunJi Icehouse 顺记冰室:85 BaoHua Road, Liwan, Guangzhou

I forgot to take picture of the front shop as the road was quite congested. After the fish skin salad at Chan Tim Kee, we wanted to try out the famous Nanxin Milk Desserts Expert 南信牛奶甜品专家. Unfortunately it was too full. So we diverted to Shunji Ice House 顺记冰室 which sells also desserts.

Menu on the table top. Wide variety, it took us sometime to decide what to have.  

We chose traditional double skin milk 传统双皮奶, coconut ice cream 椰子雪糕 and mango ice cream 香芒雪糕. Paid on spot and waited the food to be served.

Come to think of it, a small scoop of the ice cream at RMB13 is quite pricey actually. The ice cream texture was soft, the taste was above average but the portion itself definitely not worth for the price we paid. The double skin milk was good but quite plain in taste, perhaps it would be good if we ordered the double skin milk with red bean paste.

Address of BaoHua Noodles 宝华面店:117 BaoHua Road, Liwan, Guangzhou

Followed by ShunJi Icehouse, we went to BaoHua Noodles 宝华面店. In fact, we were superb full. As it was our last visit here, I forced my mum to try out the famous noodles here.  The signature dishes are the fresh prawn wonton noodles, pork knuckle noodles, and white radish stew. I didn't really want to order the white radish stew, the waitress told me it's their signature so I agreed to it.

My mum's wonton noodles. The portion was very generous, my mum could finish the wontons by herself. But the broth was rather salty for us.

I was stunned the huge chunky white radish was served. We were definitely not able to finish it all.

My pork knuckle noodles. Slurp! The pork skin was chewy, I liked it. If I entered this place with empty stomach, I think I could enjoy savouring every bite of it. Just that the noodle is not to my personal liking, it is made with alkaline water. Although the noodle chewiness was good, I detest the alkaline taste after a few bites. Broth was extremely tasty, it was stewed with assorted ingredients such as scallops, shrimps, pork bones, etc.

There's another good place for quick stomach fix in Guangzhou which I'll blog next. So stay tuned.

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