October 4, 2016

Beef Noodles @Yee Chwan Cafe 毓泉茶室, Bintulu

Location: Jalan Law Gek Soon (In between HSBC Bank & KFC), 97000 Bintulu

There are two famous beef noodles in Bintulu, one at Yee Chwan, another at Mubhibah cafe which is just a few steps away. We like the beef noodles at Yee Chwan Cafe the most since we were kids. Though the portion is pathetically little, we always ask for big bowl (yet still never have enough of it). Since the tummy only half full, I normally will order the roti bakar (kaya toast) here. The roti bakar here is toast on charcoal fire.

Other than beef noodles (Mee Sup Sapi), they also have laksa and kolo mee (Mee Kolok) too.

The noodle they used is not as yellowish. Soup is clear and not oily at all. The beef meat slice is also soft and easy to chew, must dip it with the chilli sauce.

The kaya toast, a set of two slices. Crispy outside, soft inside.

This is one of the must-try food in Bintulu. You wouldn't able to find this beef noodles elsewhere, same goes to Laksa in Bintulu. Our laksa in Bintulu tastes different from Kuching laksa. Try it if you have the chance to visit Bintulu.

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