October 30, 2016

Liew's Ngiu Chap at Sing Garden, Kuching (MOVED)

Address: Taman Hui Sing, Jalan Sherip Masahor, Kuching, Sarawak.
Business hours: Early morning till noon, off on Tuesday

UPDATE: This guy moved again. Anyone knows where's his new location, please drop me message in comment. Thank you.

The first time I had this Liew's Ngiu Chap was at Song Corner coffee shop at Jalan Song. It was so delicious, a hidden gem indeed. Not after I found this gem, the vendor decided to cease the business. I was quite disappointed as would not able to have this delicious bowl of beef noodles again.

The other day I found the same vendor has resumed his business at Sing Garden. So brought my bro to have breakfast there. He likes the noodles too, especially the stew mutton noodles.

The beef vermicelli soup, contains beef entrails, tendon, and white radish. Must dip the ingredients with the chilli sauce provided by the vendor, it is a truly perfect match.

The noodle version. The soup is clear and slightly sweet. The beef meat slice is soft, and tendon is easy to chew too. I believe elderly will have no problem to chew too. The noodle texture is also unbeatably good.

My bro commented this bowl of stew mutton noodles like this: "This is the best breakfast I ever had in my life". Though he was rather exaggerated, but undeniably this mutton noodles tastes exceptionally good. Exceeded my expectation.

Sing Garden is a good place for breakfast and lunch. It has gathered all the food I like the most. Click HERE to see what I have blogged about Sing Garden in 2014.

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