November 29, 2016

P Cafe @Soho West 188, Kuching, Sarawak

Address: Ground Floor, Lot 18692, Soho West 188, Jalan Wan Alwi, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak
Business Hours: Monday - Sunday 8:00am - 8:00pm (Tuesday off)

The other day a friend of mine in FB posted a photo showing claypot mee with big prawn that looks mouth watering. And most surprisingly the price was only RM8. Claypot prawn mee at RM8, sounds so enticing. Browsing through its Facebook page, they have assorted choices to choose. Laksa, lui cha, chicken rice, kampua, kolo mee, etc. So yesterday we went to this place to give it a try.

The interior looks modern with a blend of old school and factory design.

And, most importantly you can use iPad to place order. 🙀  Oh well, quite uncommon for a restaurant like this.

The menu. The food is more towards Chinese cuisine and local style. I took quite sometime to decide my order because too many choices.

Claypot pork with salted fish, RM8.00

Hainanese chicken rice, RM5.30

Chicken curry rice, RM6.80. I forgot to take the photo of curry sauce.

Prawn mee, RM9.00. I think they couldn't get the bigger prawns, so it was replaced with smaller prawns. But comparing with the picture in the menu, the mee should be gravy. I was kinda disappointed. Anyhow, the taste was acceptable.

Overall, the food was ok, price is very reasonable. The taste of the food had no thrill, don't think I would have the excitement to go back. Off-topic, don't you think the ambience of this restaurant is more suitable for Western cuisine?

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