November 11, 2016

Rising Ramen 雷神拉面 @City One Megamall, Kuching

Address: Ground Floor,  Mall 1 City One Megamall, Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching
Business hours: 10am - 10pm

Rising Ramen has moved to City One Megamall quite sometime ago. Bigger capacity and better environment. Just that I rarely go to this mall even though it is less than 5 minutes drive from my house. The other day bro suggested to have Japanese ramen so we settled our dinner here.

My Miso Ramen. Just the normal size, I think it costs RM11 or RM13? Can't remember. But I remember it's the cheapest in the menu. The broth tasted good as usual, thick and tasty. The noodle was not overcooked, it's the texture I like the most.

My bro asked for Miso Ramen Special. What's the special? Extra char siu meat slices.  You can order add-on for extra noodles or egg too.

Japanese Tempura Udon. I never like udon, so can't give any comment on this.

Salmon sushi roll. The taste was acceptable. But I don't think they used sushi rice and the salmon meat was rather slender. Feel like homemade sushi rolls, not the pro skilled type. The presentation says it all.

I ever tried their minced meat rice before. The portion was small and pricey. Conclusion, I would recommend their ramen menu only. For sushi rolls, it is overpriced for such quality.

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