December 17, 2016

The Kimbap Korean Restaurant @Brighton Square, Kuching

Address: Sublot 16, Lot 7691, Brighton Square, Jalan Song, Brighton Square, 93350 Kuching.
Business Hour: 10:30am - 10:00pm (Sunday off)

Wasn't plan to have dinner at The Kimbap initially. As we passed by this restaurant, the food aroma was too enticing so we settled our dinner here. It was around time 8:45pm when we walked in. As we sat down snapshotting the menu, the waiter informed us the kitchen would be close at 9pm and asked us to place order fast. But the business hour was stated close at 10pm, it was not even 9pm yet. I rationalised may be they need to take an hour to do kitchen cleaning. Then not more than 5 minutes later, another waiter came to urge us again. I wasn't pleased after the second reminder. I asked if we would have sufficient time to finish our meal or not if the kitchen closed at 9pm. The waiter answered if the order placed before 9pm, then we can stay until we finish our meal.

Oh well, this is the first time I couldn't enjoy browsing the menu. We just picked without long pause, didn't even got time to read the beverage menu section. When the food was served, no time to savour slowly too. I could feel the time pressure. In the end, we managed to leave at 10pm. Though the customer service was good and the waiters politely informed us that the kitchen closing at 9pm. But the memory of being pressed will be long term. I wouldn't want to have late dinner at any of these restaurants at Brighton Square next time.

I snapshot the menu first before browsing it slow. So many choices but we only had so little time to make up our mind.

The free dishes, two small bowls of clear soup and a small plate of kimchi.

Curry rice, RM10

Omurice, RM10

Rapokki with cheese, RM14.50

The Kimbap Daebak Chicken, RM18

Soybean Paste Jigae, RM10.50

They have wide range of variety. Looking at the menu, you would be indecisive. But the fried chicken pictures definitely make you mouth-watering. Overall the food was tasted ok but not really impressive.

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