December 9, 2016

Uncle Ben's Signature Laksa House @RH Plaza, Kuching

Address: No. 83, Lot 9927, RH Plaza, Jalan Lapangan Terbang 1, Kuching, Sarawak.
Business Hours: 7:00am - 5:00pm (Thursday off)

Though I am not a fan of laksa. But when I saw a friend posted a picture of laksa she had in Facebook, it made me drooled. Last Tuesday finally made the move to visit this place for brunch with my bro and future sister-in-law. We spent quite sometime to locate it because friend mentioned it is behind Bella Italia (an Italian restaurant), opposite Swan Teem Seafood Restaurant. In fact, you won't able to spot it from road side because the location is quite hidden. The search is quite difficult because it is blocked by the canopies. If you have been to Hornbill Steamboat at RH Plaza, the laksa house is just right opposite it. This shop is used to be a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, so you can notice there is a conveyor belt in the middle.

The environment is very hygienic. They don't serve pork (but no halal certification) so you can introduce your Muslim friends to come here too.

The Menu. They sell only laksa and Heng Hua noodles.  For laksa menu, you can choose the ingredients. Only egg / chicken / prawn / sea clam / all (large), or all with sea clam. My bro was wanting to have the super big laksa RM48, which the portion suits for 4 - 5 pax. I stopped him because I wanted to have Heng Hua noodle instead of laksa.

Extra menu. They also have salmon laksa.

My Heng Hua noodle. As they don't serve pork, so the meat is replaced with chicken. Though the chicken meat was soft but I still prefer it with 3-layer pork. This reminds me of the Heng Hua noodle I like the most at Ang Cheng Ho. I should visit there again next time.

This is the laksa with egg ingredient only (RM6.00). Though the laksa outside generally costs RM6 per bowl for all ingredients, but this place offers the air-conditioned environment so it is a give and take balance.

The laksa with sea clam RM12.00. This is it that made me drooled. The prawns and sea clams were so fresh! The laksa soup was super savoury as well. Thumbs up! It's worth to visit this place again and again.

This is the map to Uncle Ben's Signature Laksa House.

Next time we'll challenge the super big laksa. If you doubt how big is the bowl like, check out in their Facebook page HERE. Oh yeah, they also have fresh local scallop laksa but it is limited supply.

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