January 28, 2017

Mom's Laksa @ Rojak Muhammad Kucei Kafe @Jalan Petanak, Kuching

Address: Ground Floor S/L 13 Lot 95 & 96, Jalan Petanak, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak.
Business Hours: Monday - Sunday 7:00am - 5:00pm

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! Today's the first day of CNY, any good place for breakfast or lunch? Majority of coffeeshops and restaurants will take the first and second day of CNY off. If you are craving for Sarawak laksa, Mom's Laksa & Rojak Muhammad Kucei Kafe can be another good option.

I got to know Mom's Laksa from my Malay friend. When I asked her where's the best laksa in Kuching, she recommended Mom's Laksa. A Malay version of Sarawak laksa. It has a few branches in Kuching, and the branch I visited is located opposite Hi-Bread Kopitiam. Besides Sarawak Laksa, there also served the famous Indian rojak, Rojak Muhammad Kucei too.

Ordered Air Bandung this time. Hadn't had it for long time.

A small plate of Rojak Ayam, RM6. I like the long bean fritters the most, but the gravy was slightly watery.

A big bowl of laksa, RM8.

A small bowl of laksa, RM6.

The laksa broth is thicker compared to the other laksa (by Chinese) in Kuching. The coconut milk is heavier in taste, and slightly sweet too. My bro finished it all till the last drop. It was quite good actually, but the shrimps were not as fresh.

Map to Mom's Laksa & Rojak Muhammad Kucei Kafe:


  1. I visited to try the Rojak you mentioned. I ordered Rojak Ayam Biasa and pointed out to the RM6 version. But when I went to pay, the order chit wrote ROjak - M (for Medium), which I have to pay RM8,50. I believe the portion was just like yours and it should have been the small RM6 one. I asked them to check the plate, but they told me it was correct. Hmm. I wonder if the order chit was printed right on order and given to their kitchen staff or it was only printed after. If it was printed prior, then I guess the order was for M version otherwise, it could have been RM6 being incorrectly selected as Medium during printout of the chit, so I am paying RM2.50 for nothing. What a mix up.

    1. Hi Hans, quite fishy. If the waiter didn't hear you right and printed the order chit with medium size, the food portion served should be more than RM6. Hmm.. weird. Did you insist you ordered the RM6 one?

  2. Oh yes I did insist. The cashier then asked the waiter to check the table and dish. But he seems to indicate that there was no problem with the order.

    1. Erm.. sorry to hear that. I think it's hard to argue as we don't know how it looks like in small or medium portion. The waiter/waitress should repeat your order before they key in to system. Very few restaurants/cafes in Kuching do that.

    2. sorry for any inconvenience caused....
      anyway thanks for your support.
      fyi, at this moment we are no longer operating in any outlet whole sarawak as now we are operating at Selangor. any query. pls free to wassap 0104095905 or call 0198991047. tq


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