January 3, 2017

Spring Garden Cafe, Bintulu

Address: No. 268, Taman Sri Dagang, 97000 Bintulu
Business hours: 5pm something till dawn.

I have post the famous chicken feet at Spring Garden Cafe before, click here. And, these are the dishes we normally ordered at Spring Garden Cafe in Bintulu. Though the appearance doesn't look appetizing. But I can assure you that every dish is amazingly delicious, it goes well with rice.

Cockles, my favourite. I rarely fail to skip this dish whenever we have meal here.

Stir-fried kangkong (water spinach).

Mixed vegetables soup.

Pork intestine and ear.

For some reasons, we never change our mind to try out other dishes here. Maybe it embodies our childhood memories in it. It was our happiest moment when my parents brought us out for dinner.

Map to Spring Garden Cafe in Bintulu:

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