March 7, 2017

Grand Indonesia, Jakarta

After checked in our hotel, we walked to Grand Indonesia for dinner. Can you notice the people standing across the road? That's the bus station between the highways, Halte Tosari ICBC. Taking bus in Jakarta is a better option compared to taxi because there's a lane specifically assigned for bus which means it's unlikely buses will be stuck in traffic jam.

Menara BCA and Grand Indonesia. If you want to go to Grand Indonesia by walk, do not enter Menara BCA. Have to walk further up.

Grand Indonesia. The security here is quite strict, everyone has to open their bag for inspection. Even vehicles to enter, the drivers have to open their car boot.

On our first night, we had chicken rice for dinner. I didn't explore further in the mall, we entered from the west mall and went up to third floor. Mum wanted to have the chicken rice, we settled our dinner at Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice. It was pricey.. A meal with chicken rice for two pax and a plate of veges cost us about RM70.

After the first night, we explored further on second visit and found the food court is actually located at the skybridge. Price here is cheaper, wide variety but the food tastes average. We settled our dinner mostly at Grand Indonesia on our first few nights. My mum is not keen to try the street food, she claims not hygienic.

Soto Betawi. The soup tastes good but portion is quite pathetically little. No wonder the guy asked me if I want to have a bowl of rice.

Mum had Vietnamese pho.

Other day, I had Petai fried rice for dinner. Quite oily.

After sightseeing on the second day, we were exhausted after the long walk. Sat here to cool down ourselves until the band started to perform. It was really relaxing by listening to the love songs in Bahasa Melayu.

Adjacent block is Plaza Indonesia. We did not go there as we noticed the luxury shops from outside.

There are hawker stalls along the road outside Grand Indonesia. If you are adventurous or want to have cheapest meal, you can search it here.

On our way back to hotel. This was the road traffic condition on M.H. Thamrin Road. Luckily the hotel we chose is within walking distance.

Next post I'll blog about the sightseeing and the public transports we used in Jakarta. Stay tuned.

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