March 19, 2017

Jakarta Street Food & XL Prepaid Card

On 19th February, on the way to have breakfast at Grand Indonesia, we found no cars on the road. Everyone was free to walk on the road, any direction or any lane you want. Free from heavy traffic, and we enjoyed the breeze and fresh air. I just googled online, and found that it's their car free day on every Sunday. Sudirman Road and Thamrin Road are closed from 6am - 11pm, no private cars allowed to drive through, except public buses.

On the road side, there were vendors selling food. Many choices that I couldn't really decide which one to try. I skipped fried food, so I decided to try the bubur ayam since the food served for a customer looks yummy.

My bubur ayam (chicken porridge). Crackers, youtiao (Chinese cruller) and shredded chicken meat on top. Sprinkled the chopped coriander and fried onion, followed by sweet soy sauce and chili sauce. The taste was really good.

There's one stall selling bubur ayam in front of Liberty Hotel too. But it tasted slightly salty and not as good as the first one I had. I calculated this bowl of bubur ayam (Rp. 10,000) cost around RM3.50. This is the cheapest meal I had in Jakarta.

The portion of bubur ayam didn't fulfill me. I wanted to get something different. Walked around and I stopped by this 'Mie Ayam Ceker' stall. The lady was preparing the noodle and a bowl of soup with something looks like wanton in it. Hmm.. looks enticing. I asked for chicken noodle. Had a peep at how it was prepared. She scissored the small packet of seasoning mix, threw a handful of noodles into boiling water.

This is how the chicken noodle looks like. It was soooo yummy, may be because of the seasoning mix? Haaa.. But it is seriously tasty. I let my mum to have it first, she resisted at first. Then I waited and waited.. she had it more than I expected. Ok, no regret to have this. Thumbs-up!

This is the ayam penyet I had at Tanah Abang market. After the long walk, my mum agreed to have lunch at random stall. The environment is not hygienic. The stalls selling nasi campur (mixed rice), ayam penyet, satays, and etc. I ordered nasi ayam penyet, as shown below. Judging from the picture, it looks not so delicious.. well.. yeah, the taste was just average and the portion was rather small. I don't think the chicken drumsticks were freshly prepared, suspect it should be the leftover from previous business day. They deep-fried it again that caused the texture of the meat turned out harder and drier. Anyway, I didn't experience diarrhea after the day.

This is otak-otak (grilled fish cake). I was attracted to the price, one piece at Rp. 1,000 (about RM0.35). I bought 3 pieces. Gosh... I was stunned to see when the hawker unwrapped and exposed the size of it. Very tiny indeed, just like the size of my pinky finger. Haaa.. no wonder it is just Rp. 1,000.

I bought this triangle pastries at Tanah Abang market. A vendor with tricycle, a glass cabinet showcasing the pastries. I didn't intend to buy at first, had a glance at the menu. Hmmm.. it has durian flavour too. Interesting.. I asked the guy what's the filling. He said "daging", which should be the beef meat. I bought three flavours, durian, banana, and I forgot the other flavour.. strawberry?

I was quite puzzled with the taste. I couldn't identify which one is the durian flavour because all of the three flavours taste equally the same. Slightly sweet.. didn't taste like beef too. Erm.. not so impressive.

I bought this XL prepaid card at a small convenient store at Soekarno Hatta airport. The staff was helpful, helped me to register and get it activated on my phone. If not mistaken, the package comes with 20GB internet, 30 days validity. It cost me Rp 200,000. Quite expensive actually. The coverage was alright... but poor signal when I was inside the premise at Tanah Abang as I couldn't load the Google map.

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