March 3, 2017

Jakarta Trip 17 - 23 Feb 2017, Unbiased Review of Liberty Hotel

Hi all, I was supposed to update my blog last week. But something happened in a sudden, my beloved aunt passed away. I had to attend her funeral in Sibu. Words can't describe how heart-wrenching we are for losing her in the family. Luckily my mum and I were back in Malaysia before the bad news. Else I would feel so bad for not able to take part at the funeral.

I bought Airasia promo tickets to Jakarta last year. Intended to see the wholesale markets there, at the same time can bring my mum along since she hasn't been to Jakarta before. I didn't study much prior the trip, spent adequate time to search and book the hotel at Glad that I'm now at genius level of, entitled to have 10% discount. When we checked in the hotel, they even served us the welcome drinks.

The hotel I chose to stay in Jakarta is Liberty Hotel, Rp 3,672,000 for 6 nights which is averagely RM207.50 per night. The location is strategic and convenient, walking distance to Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, bus station (Tosari ICBC), and train station (Stasiun Sudirman). We even walked to Thamrin City from our hotel too.

Ok. How to get from Soekarno-Hatta Airport to Libery Hotel. My mum preferred to have a pleasant journey so I chose taxi. I was not aware that you can choose the taxi company, and I didn't walk further up to see if there's any Blue Bird taxi. So I chose the white taxi "Primajasa" right in front at the exit and it ended up the worst choice. The guy told me the taxi fare would be Rp 204,000 and I have to pay the toll fee myself. If not mistaken, it was Rp 16,000. Then he led me to this taxi driver. All the way down to the hotel, he used the emergency lane and kept honking to cars in order to cut in the queue. He didn't turn on the meter. Half way, I knew he's tricky. When we arrived at our hotel, he asked for Rp 220,000. Bloody hell. So if you travel to Jakarta, try to get Blue Bird taxi. They are more reliable.

Back to the hotel topic. The hotel room is nice, I like the carpet floor. The bed is comfy and they provide 4 pillows instead of 2. But the only thing I do not like is that the housekeeping started early. 9am and the noise they moved the vacuum cleaner and cart can be heard in my room. And they knocked on my door around 10:30am every time. Felt rather intimidated by their act. Anyway, I understand that they are just trying to perform their job as efficient as possible. Erm.. it's just not so polite to push the guests out when they just got out of bed.

Oh well, below is the pictures of the hotel room we stayed. Overall, it was good. But the room was not that clean as expected. For me, it is slightly overpriced. No gym, no swimming pool, no free breakfast. There's a small cafe attached, they charge certain amount for breakfast coupon. If you want to have meal at the cafe, you need to tell them your room number in order to get 10% discount. Well, it's still expensive to have meal there. My mum and I had our dinner there on our last day, cost me around RM70 - RM80.

I wonder why they didn't provide a soap tray. I had the problem to place the soap appropriately, and guess what.. ended up I placed it on the bottom-up glass.

The map to Liberty Hotel:

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