March 28, 2017

Sour Sally Frozen Yogurt & Marugame Udon @Grand Indonesia, Jakarta

Ok, gonna introduce what I had most frequent at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. You have seen frozen yogurt in white, how about if the colour is black? I am in love with Sour Sally's Black Sakura frozen yogurt, and it tastes marvelous with the matcha latte sauce. A regular size of Black Sakura with two toppings costs around RM15, Rp 44,545. Luckily my mum didn't know how to convert the Rupiah, else she would stop me from buying it. She seemed enjoying it too. I had bought the same item with same toppings three times on different days. I was so tempted to have it again on our last day. But controlled myself hard not to have it. Until now I still can't forget how good taste it is.

Sour Sally Froze Yogurt is only available in Indonesia at the moment. It's open for franchise. I doubt if anyone is interested to bring it into Malaysia in near future. I hope it will be available in Kuching too. (*I am quite puzzled why hand-mate not hand-made too).

Assorted crunchy toppings, 5 different flavours of cone, fresh fruits, and sauces.

This is how the regular cup of Black Sakura with matcha latte and watermelon toppings looks like. Costs Rp 44,545. The black colour is not the result of artificial colouring. It is actually induced by the natural activated charcoal. I love it, love it, love it!

Another outlet I had observed with the most patrons at Grand Indonesia is this: MAGURAME UDON. It is only available in Indonesia also. The udon noodles are freshly made and cooked, you can watch them processing the noodles from glass window. Most importantly, it is certified halal.

Queuing up, read the menu first and decide what you want to order. Tell the staff the number of the menu you want to order. They will process it swiftly and you can choose the fried tempura while waiting for your turn to check out at cashier. The order process is fast but comes with one drawback. Without the order chit, the cashier might overlook what you have on the tray. I ordered two bowls of udon, but he only registered one bowl. I didn't take notice at first, sat down and found it unbelievably cheap. Checked the receipt, only one bowl of udon was charged. After some rounds of inner struggle, I went back to the cashier and told him he has overlooked the other bowl of udon. I have to be honest  because I take full responsibility of my integrity.

This place is always full house during peak hours. We went earlier before dinner time so we were still able to find a seat.

Beef Curry Udon, Rp 53,000, about RM17.60.

Nikku Udon, Rp 53,000.

I ordered ice lemon tea and ocha, both drinks are free refill. I refilled my cup for 2 times because the soup was quite salty. Overall I like its taste but I am not into udon. I hate it slips and drops when I place it on to my spoon.

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