April 12, 2017

Chop Hing Huong 興園餐室 & Xiu Long (Sibu) Confectionery 小龍餅家, Sibu

Address: 2-40, Jalan Tukang Besi, Pekan Sibu, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak.
Business Hours: I have no idea of its business hours. It opened every time I visited. Early morning till late noon, even evening time. Not sure they are still operating at evening time?

I lost my aunt in February, flew back to Sibu to attend the funeral. Before getting ourselves busy with the guests, we must fill our stomach first. We rarely skip to have the famous ding bian hu 鼎边糊 every time we visit Sibu. I think Sibu Municipal Council has done a good job, the alley got "visibly" cleaner. And there is "Dian Mian Hu" mural on the wall. The picture looks familiar to me, I compared it to my previous post of Chop Hing Huong, it is actually identical. Now I realised the reason Sibu Municipal Council emailed me for permission to use the photo.

The photo Sibu Municipal Council asked for permission to use. Looks exactly the same right? The pails, drinking glass, pots, kettle, and the vendor with the same shirt, apron and pants, at the same angle. The mural artwork is finished by the artist named Braden Tiong. Hmm, same surname as mine. Haaha..

The day we visited Chop Hing Huong but we sat at the coffee shop opposite. If you came here and found out no seat available, don't worry.. there's plenty of seats available at the coffee shop opposite. Different owner but you are allowed to order outside food as long as you order drinks from them.

My big bowl of ding bian hu and a bottle of soda cream manufactured in Sibu. My another aunt told me that she prefers the other ding bian hu near Sibu Civic Centre, which is operated by a sibling of the owners of Chop Hing Huong. I ever tried the ding bian hu that she mentioned too, both are equally good. But my parents prefer to visit the old place, me too.. so that I can buy the egg cakes from the next door.

I have tried a lot of egg cakes (kuih bahulu) in the past.. and none is as delicious as Xiu Long's. Seriously it is superb springy and full of egg yoke aroma. It's a must buy item for me. I can have 4 pieces continuously, or even more than 5 if my mum didn't stop me. No joke. If not mistaken, 3 pieces at RM1. I bought RM5, not enough still since I had to share it with others. Next time I must buy a lot for self consumption.

The variety of Foochow pastries that are only available in Sibu.

Map to Chop Hing Huong and Xiu Long (Sibu) Confectionery:

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