April 11, 2017

Stapok Seafood Restaurant 师傅海鲜, Kuching

We ordered four dishes on our first visit. 3 pax, 4 dishes and 3 bowls of rice, bill totalled up RM56.60 including drinks. Price is reasonable. On second visit, it cost higher because my bro insisted to order the signature lamb dish.
Home-made Beancurd (Small), RM15

Chicken Wings (1 set of 4), RM10

Sweet Corn Soup (Medium), RM15

Kailan (Small), RM8

Hot-Plate Beancurd

Sabah Lettuce

Lamb with Mongolian Sauce

Among these dishes, I like the fried chicken wings the most. Though it still can't beat Ping's chicken wings at Peach Garden. I was quite disappointed with the Mongolian lamb actually. May be because I prefer lamb with black pepper sauce instead of the creamy version.

Overall, Stapok Seafood Restaurant is worth to pay a visit. The place is clean, the food tastes great too, fast speed of serving, and most importantly the price is reasonable.

Map to Stapok Seafood Restaurant:


  1. May I know is it no pork serve? Or halal

    1. I didn't see any pork menu, not 100% sure about it.


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