April 22, 2017

The Flying Kampua @King Sun Canteen 金顺阁, Sibu

Address: No. 4, Jalan Tekam, Pekan Sibu, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak.
Business Hours: Sorry, didn't ask them for operation hours. Wait till my next visit ok.

The day after funeral, dad drove us to this coffeeshop. His youngest brother brought him here once, saying the vendors can perform a special act, tossing the noodles very high in the air. And, the kampua tastes surprisingly nice too. Too bad I didn't capture the vendor tossing the noodles. Apparently the tossing act made them famed and published in newspapers. Click here to know it further. Or, just google "Sibu flying kampua", you should get the search results with video.

This place is located at light industrial area. So it might be challenging to find a parking space. It was raining that day, we definitely didn't want to park too far from the coffeeshop. Made two rounds to search for parking, finally got a car reversing out.

Pork liver soup was sold out so we had mixed ingredients soup which contained fishballs, meatballs, mince meat, and veges. We are typical Foochow, must have kampua with a bowl of soup. Normally if you order kampua, they will offer a small bowl of clear soup for free. But my family always order ala carte soup. This mixed ingredients soup was great in taste despite its look quite plain.

This is dark kampua with chilli sauce, it's noodles mixed with dark soy sauce and chilli sauce. If you can pronounce it right, in Foochow it is called "kampua dou you lak".

This is the authentic form of kampua. I like the kampua in plain so that I can savour the noodles with thick pork lard aroma. The noodles portion and meat slices were pretty generous in size. The deep-fried onions and spring onions sprinkled on top makes the whole presentation perfectly mouth-watering. I still drool by looking at this picture. Hmm.... should go back to Sibu for this again.

My dad's chilli kampua, noodles with chilli sauce. It's called "kampua bu-a lak" in Foochow. Can you follow me? 😂  I can't recall how much it cost. Should be RM3? Or RM3.50? Well, it worths the price though.. Big portion and big meat slices.

This is one of the best kampua I ever had. I've tried some kampua that taste average too in Sibu. According to my dad, his all-time favourite kampua still the kampua stall at Century Inn, Jalan Central. Unfortunately the vendor has retired.

The map to King Sun Canteen:

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