May 19, 2017

MAISON de gigi @Bukit Bintang, KL

Location: Outside Fahrenheit 88 mall, next to the money changer.

Have you tried the waffle from MAISON de gigi yet? Can you imagine the combination of croissant and waffle? I tell you, it was real good. I found this when I was on the way to Pavilion from Lot 10. It's located outside Fahrenheit 88. The picture of waffle on the fishtail banner caught my attention. First thought it was from Korea. But I was wrong, it's actually from Osaka, Japan. The texture surprised me, the outer is crispy like croissant and inner is soft like waffle. They called it croffle.

You can choose salty or sweet version of croffle. I didn't expect it tastes so good, so I didn't take a close-up picture of their menus. The sweet menu has banana chocolate, apple cinnamon, red bean, chocolate nut. The salty menu has curry chicken, sausage and corn, mash potato and chicken, chicken pepperoni and cheese. I asked the staff which is their favourite, they recommended me the banana chocolate. The slogan on the wall stated "every layer has a happy story", I have to agree that every layer surprised me to the end.

The packing is quite cute actually.. But I'm curious why a black cat logo?

Best to have it while it's still hot. Can't notice the layers of croissant right? It looks like the normal waffle.

No regret to choose the banana and chocolate fillings. It was crunchy and the thick aroma of banana mash and melted chocolate just filled in my mouth completely. Ok, I would want to try the apple cinnamon next time!

Other than Auntie Anne's pretzels, this is another one that I would want to have in KL on my next and following visit. Hope MAISON de gigi will consider to open an outlet at KLIA2, I can buy and share with family too.

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