May 26, 2017

My Mount Kinabalu Climb on 21 May 2017 (Summit Climb)

On 21 May 2017, we had our supper around 2am. We were waiting for the appearance of our guide. After briefing, we started to climb at 2:46am. When I climbed the wooden stairs to Pendant Hut, I suddenly had the thought of "I cannot make it". Heart beat racing too fast and feeling giddy. I started to pray and told myself, I must make it to the peak.

There's a timeline, we have to reach Pondok Sayat-sayat before 5am. If failing to do so, you are not allowed to ascend. Every step I felt so burdened and tired. I had to stop and catch my breath because the thin air making me so sick. I coughed and burped. From Pendant Hut to Sayat-sayat Shelter, climbed wooden and mud stairs. It was steep and dark. After the heavy rain, the path became muddy and slippery.

I reached 7.0KM at 4:37am, there's still a short distance to reach Sayat-sayat Shelter. I tried to accelerate my speed, at last I reached the gate around 4:45am. I didn't have any strength to retrieve my handphone to take any photo. Just quickly got my water bottle refilled and gulped, watched the starry skyline then continued to ascend. I want to reach there before sunrise.

From Sayat-sayat Shelter, we have to climb with rope. It gets tougher and tougher. I made a few steps and rest, repeatedly. Until I saw the Donkey Ears Peak and Tunku Abdul Rahman Peak are on my right. My guide told me the sun is rising up. We were still quite far from the peak. Ok, I definitely not able to see the sunrise at the peak. So I stopped and captured the magnificent views. Time was 5:39am.

Reached this point at 5:50am. The sky was brighter after 10 minutes. My guide urged me to descend at 6:30am, but I was not even up to the peak yet.

Rest and enjoyed the view until 6:00am. This is the South Peak that appeared behind our new RM100 note and old RM1 note.

Reached my 8.0KM (3929M) mark at 6:01am.

At 6:04am, no sight of Low's Peak yet. Climbers have to hold and follow the rope at all time.

I got to see more climbers here, I'm reaching the 8.5KM mark.

Checked in 8.5KM(4008M) at 6:25am.

I walked in slow pace, Alexander Peak is on my left at time 6:35am.

Reached the base of Low Peak at 6:38am. My guide told me the descending is much harder than ascending. She asked me to use rope, but when I tried to hold the rope and climb. The path got so much challenging than not using it, ended up I just followed my guide's footstep.

Finally I made it to Low's Peak (4095.2M) at 7:02am. Thank God! The sense of achievement was so great!

From left to right: Alexander Peak, Diwali Pinnacles, and Victoria Peak. I hope I got the names right.

Views after descending from Low's Peak. It was so awesome! My guide started to introduce the peaks, and showed me the locations of Desa dairy farm, the resort, kampung, etc.

Even asked me to pose in front of St. John Peak and take picture for me. Haha.. I look so messy with my attire.

Then moved to the right side, the peak behind me is called "Ugly Sister".

Donkey Ears Peak. After the earthquake in 2015, the ears got shortened.

Tun Abdul Rahman Peak.

The rockfalls caused by the earthquake.

The white roof at the bottom is Laban Rata Rest House.

It's getting misty. Descending from summit was tough, I kept asking my guide how far is our distance still to Laban Rata. Her answer always "still far".

Summit climb starts from this gate here. Passed the gate at 9:14am, so happy I have completed the summit climb.

They are building new rest house. All the materials are transported by porters piece by piece.

Reached Laban Rata Rest House at 9:21am (time in my hp is more accurate). I had an hour for breakfast. After breakfast, we left Laban Rata around 10:30am. We have to reach Timpohon Gate before 4pm, otherwise we will have to pay the guide extra fee for the delay. 

Descending to Timpohon Gate is as tough as ascending to Laban Rata too. Ascending to Laban Rata, I could feel the unbearable fast heartbeat. While descending to Timpohon Gate, I could feel the knees and muscle aching intensely. The rain started to pour half way, and it got heavier and heavier. When I reached 2.5KM to Timpohon Gate, my guide told me I'll get there in 3 hours time because every of my step takes about 3 minutes. Looking at the time, I might reach Timpohon Gate after 4pm! That really triggered me to move fast. I moved real fast after that, I was so surprised that I can still move without feeling the pain on my knees. I didn't stop at any shelter along the way.

When I saw the stairs in front of Timpohon Gate, I felt so depressed. I got really fed up with staircase. Exerted up all my energy, at last I got here at 2:57pm.

The same driver, Mr. Basir came to pick us up. We had buffet lunch at Balsam Buffet Restaurant first before sending us back to hotel.

My coloured certificate. I am so proud of myself after this achievement. Ok, now I feel like I can do it again in the future. Hmm.. wait, must train hard first. Next plan, I decided to join marathon runs.

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