June 30, 2017

Kedai Kopi Yee Fung 怡豊茶室 @Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu

Address: 127, Jalan Gaya, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Business Hours: Monday - Friday 6:30am - 6:00pm; Saturday - Sunday 6:30am - 4:00pm

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslim readers who happened to read this post! I just done visiting my Malay friend not long ago. So contented, had a lot of steamed cakes, Raya goodies, curry, and beef rendang. Came home with a full stomach. 

Better continue my last post of June before the time hits 12am. Ok, that day after we had our breakfast at Kedai Kopi Jiang Yu Zai, we walked to Gaya Street. It's not too far from Bandaran Berjaya actually. Gaya Street is the street gathered all the popular foods in KK. We planned to visit the shop selling famous pineapple bun.  

Walking along the street, we passed by Kedai Kopi Yee Fung. We noticed this shop is surprisingly packed. Checked out the signboard, my friend said this is the shop selling laksa which their friend highly recommended. We decided to order a bowl of laksa to try it out despite we were still full after the fish soup.

Their signature dishess are laksa, claypot chicken rice and ngau chap.

We ordered laksa and then later we wanted to try out their ngau chap too. Their laksa is different from Sarawak laksa. The soup is creamer and the fragrance of coconut milk also stronger, its taste is much more like Singapore's Katong Laksa. I am not used to this type of laksa though, still prefer the Sarawak version. My friends felt the same.

Their ngau chap is not our cup of tea too. The taste was not as great as the one I had in Kuching. The smell of beef is quite intense, advisably to have it with chili sauce.

The sambal sauce for laksa.

The map to Kedai Kopi Yee Fung:

June 26, 2017

Welcome Seafood Restaurant 大茄来海鲜餐廳 @Asia City, Kota Kianbalu

Address: Ground Floor, G-15 - G-18 , Asia City , Jalan Coastal , Kota Kinabalu , 88000 Kota Kinabalu , Sabah, 88000, Malaysia.
Business Hours: Monday - Sunday 12:00pm - 12:00am 
Tel: +60 88-447 866

It's a must to have seafood in KK. The night before our mountain climbing, we had our dinner at Welcome Seafood Restaurant. Based on the reviews online, the price was reasonable and the food quality was highly recommended by other tourists and the locals too. There's another Welcome Seafood Restaurant at Penampang, that's their main branch. My friend's cousin was planning to bring us to the Penampang branch, but the place was not so accessible after the heavy pour so we decided to stick to Asia City branch instead.

First time here, I was quite amazed at the size of this restaurant. They occupied nearly the whole block of ground floor. There are two sections with green and red colour tables. Section with green tables is classified as halal, and section with red tables is non-halal.

There were many tourists from China and Korea. Lobsters, crabs, prawns, scallops, clams, squids, groupers, etc. Big lobster, RM380 per kg.

Everyone is busy to choose their plate of seafood.

The menu is here. We stood here for minutes to place our order. The waiter and waitress were busy serving the foreign customers first.

The vegetables menu.

That black lobster is rare. Tiger prawn RM220 per kg.. make sure you bring enough of $$ or credit card.

We ordered 7 dishes. The portion was just right for 5 of us. Can't remember how much is the bill. But the price is reasonable, if not mistaken it's about RM190++.

White clam soup

Sabah cangkuk manis. This is a must try dish in Sabah. It's different kind of cangkuk manis compared to other places in Malaysia. In Sarawak, you must try midin. In Sabah, you must try cangkuk manis.

Steamed white prawns. This is my favourite. I never liked prawns until I had the steamed prawns at Salut Seafood Restaurant many years ago.

Mongolian chicken

Butter prawns, we didn't order the tiger prawns.

Steamed sea snails

Garlic scallops

Map to Welcome Seafood Restaurant at Asia City:

There's another famous place for seafood named Suang Tain Seafood, but be careful of the price they charge. As it's tourist attraction, they are notorious for being overpriced.

Welcome Seafood Restaurant has a website. If you want to make a reservation, or a view of their menu, please visit here.

June 11, 2017

Kedai Kopi Jiang Yu Zai 姜鱼仔 @Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Address: 5A, Jalan Bandaran Berjaya, Bandaran Berjaya, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Business hours:  Sunday - Monday 7:00am - 2:00pm

Kedai Kopi Jiang Yu Zai is formerly known as Kedai Kopi Sin Houng Kee 新鸿记. I shortlisted a few of the famous foods in Kota Kinabalu before hand, the fish soup is the one we should not be missed. Years ago, I'd tried the one at Kedai Kopi Houng Kee 鸿记, located at Luyang Commercial Centre. I missed it a lot, the tomato soup and fresh fish ingredients. This time I decided to try out Sin Houng Kee as it is nearer to our hotel. 

We used Uber and Grab for the ease of mobilisation in KK. I have to say, Grab's drivers in KK are much better than Uber's, in terms of car quality. I used 3 times of Uber, 3 times of Grab. Experience of Grab, we sat in cars like Toyota Avanza, Suzuki Swift, and Mitshubishi Triton. Whereas Uber, we had Perodua Viva, Proton Saga, and Perodua Viva. Ok, that's for your reference. But in terms of charges, Uber is cheaper. 

Kedai Kopi Sin Houng Kee took us sometime to search its location. We were dropped off by the driver at wrong spot, we had to rely on our own GPS to look for it. Passed through the lane, we were puzzled. Thought this should be the location, but we didn't see any Kedai Kopi Sin Houng Kee's signboard but Kedai Kopi Jiang Yu Zai. Walked to this coffee shop, my friend was intended to ask for direction. I saw the menu on the wall stated "Sin Houng Kee". Ok, this is Kedai Kopi Sin Houng Kee originally. Don't know why they changed the name. Anyway, the time we went there was around 9:30am. Still got plenty of seats.

This is the menu on wall with the name of Sin Houng Kee that helped me to identify the shop. You can choose the different parts of fish as ingredients, choices like fish eggs, fish skin, deep-fried fish slices, fish slices, fish balls, and fish stomach. Other ingredients, they have sea snail slices and fried wanton. I chose mixed fish soup "鱼什粉麵", consists of all the ingredients in one bowl.

The open kitchen is clean and hygienic. 

This is my bowl of fish soup. Tastes good but it is not up to my expectation. I didn't have the lost-and-found feeling like "this is it!". May be the soup wasn't hot enough. Nevertheless, this is also another good option. We all liked its soup base, tangy and appetizing. My friends like their deep-fried fish slices too.

There's another place in KK which is famous for its fish soup too, called Kedai Kopi Wan Wan. Unfortunately, the location is quite far from our hotel. Maybe reserve it for my next visit. I still feel like having the steamed prawns at Salut Seafood Restaurant. The previous trip, I managed to have seafood at Welcome Seafood Restaurant at Asia City. The prawn size is so much bigger, but I still prefer the steamed prawns at Salut. Next, will blog the seafood we had at Welcome Seafood Restaurant. Stay tuned.

The map to Kedai Kopi Jiang Yu Zai:

June 4, 2017

B & Best Restaurant 美美海鲜粥面家, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Address: 12, Jalan SS 4C/5, SS4, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Business Hours: Friday - Wednesday 7:00am - 4:00pm (close on alternate Thursday)

Almost abandon my blog after blogged my Mount Kinabalu climbing experience. The feelings of agony was fading fast, I had to note down the moments immediately while I still can recall vividly. Time flies, two weeks passed after my KK trip. I still haven't even finish the last post of my KL trip in March!

Ok, back to the last post of my KL trip. I was planning to visit B & Best Restaurant since I saw KYspeaks post his breakfast at B & Best Restaurant in his IG numerous time. I told my friend, I have to pay a visit there. On the day leaving KL, she drove me here for lunch.

Not many choices on the day I visit. Couldn't recognise the type of fish in chunks.

Didn't know how to order, we just sat and figuring out until a friendly young guy came to us and take our order. First time here, I asked for a mix ingredients soup with kueh tiaw. And my friend asked for fish kueh tiaw soup.

My bowl of mixed seafood (lala, fish balls, fish slices, oyster) with kueh tiaw soup. The fish slices were fresh, but the texture was rather rough. Of course, with the higher price you can get grouper fish slices with much tender texture. No complain, I was pretty contented with a bowl of this. The broth is clear, and not that flavory as I thought. Quite light in taste. Hmm, it would taste better with white pepper I think? Most disappointing, no pork lard on top. Maybe it's only available by request.

My friend's order, fish slices only with kueh tiaw soup. I appreciate the fish slices not overcooked, whereas my friend not. She grumbled the fish slices still like 30% raw.

My friend's friend came to join us later. Paid the bill about RM5X+ including two glasses of drinks. Price was acceptable, the friend's bowl cost RM25. If not mistaken, she asked for white pomfret fish. My verdict, I appreciate the freshness of the seafood but I won't crave for it because I always can get the freshest seafood in Sarawak. And I simply don't like the broth, it is too plain for me.

Map to B & Best Restaurant:

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