August 18, 2017

Kuching Festival Fair 2017 (II) 古晋美食节

Counting down to the last 3 days of Kuching Festival Fair 2017. Last night we revisited to try out the food we missed out. This time we tried Taiwan minced pork rice, Korean pork and smoked duck, and oysters pancake. Reached there around 9:30pm, some stalls we plan to try out were closed earlier.

We found out this Taiwan minced pork rice was not bad. My bro has tried it two times. Big bowl RM7, small bowl RM5. Advise to take the small bowl as you would need to try out other dishes too. My bro greedily bought the big bowl, in the end his stomach was over-bloated.

I wanted to try out the smoked duck meat. We also bought the pork meat, it was quite nice to have it with pickled cucumber. The taste could be better if it is served hot and with dipping sauce.

My bro wanted to have the lamb skewer, RM12 per piece. Average 10 pieces per skewer, a piece RM1.20. One piece even over-burnt.

This is the oyster omelette I took the video in IG. The oysters are real big, slightly bigger than my thumb size and it is juicily fresh (feel like having it raw!). BUT, the average waiting time is 45 minutes. My turn took about an hour.

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We got that pandan chickent from stall 2xx (forgot the number). The vendor kept pestering us to get one set pack at RM10. It's rather small size, we asked for 3 pcs at RM4 instead. Turned out it's a wise decision because we overate. Nevertheless the taste of pandan chicken was nice actually.

The RM12 lamb skewer.

The oyster omelette that took me an hour. Hmmm.... anyhow, the taste worths the wait. The only one that you won't regret to get (if you don't mind the waiting time). I reheat it for brunch, the taste was still good.

Good news! It's a bargain to get Shandy 4 cans at RM6 here. Bad news! Please be informed, you must consume it before the expiry date.

I was planning to get the peanut ice cream. When we got there, the stalls selling peanut ice cream sold out earlier than expected. Heart broken... started to crave for yogurt ice cream now. Slurp...

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