August 15, 2017

Kuching Festival Fair 2017 (I) 古晋美食节

Kuching Festival has came back again on 28th July, and too bad it is going to end on 20th August. Have you visited yet? I went there last week with my mum as she never been to Kuching food fair. It was raining earlier, luckily the rain stopped after 5 something. We were able to go without umbrella. We arrived there at 6:30pm. The crowd already started to build up.

This year a lot of disputes on the food variety too. Majority of the menus is from Taiwan, such as oyster mee sua 阿宗面线, squid or chicken wing with rice content 鱿鱼/鸡翅包饭, potato cheese, deep-fried chicken chop and so on. Well, Taiwan is undeniably a great source of ideas when comes to creative menus.

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The main entrance to Kuching Festival Fair. I'll not provide description of the pictures below, please just enjoy the pictures.

Total damage, below RM70 this time. Bought a pack of the longest french fries RM12, squid with rice RM15 (free one chicken wing with rice and one stick of squid arms),  4 sticks of yaki-toki (RM5 - 6 per stick),  3 cans of carbonated drinks, and coconut ice cream. My verdict, don't get the RM15 squid with rice. The taste wasn't great, too hard to chew and overpriced too. Actually nothing is cheap here. But the yaki-tori was good. And I was so tempted to get the oyster pancake too! The size of oyster is bigger than my thumb. Looks so juicy, many queued up for it.

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This peanut coconut ice cream is my favourite. There are 2 or 3 stalls selling peanut coconut ice cream, taste equally the same. They spread the ground peanut on popiah skin, 3 small scoops of coconut ice cream, then wrap. Taste creamy and delicious, seriously must try.

The map to Kuching Festival Fair:

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