October 10, 2017

Fam's 范圆 @Jalan Song, Kuching

Location: Jalan Song, Tabuan Heights, Kuching (Next to Noodle Expert)
Business hours: (update later)

Sorry for not updating my blog last week as I am more cautious with my food intake now. Cut down carbo and sugar intake. Don't have much healthy choice when I choose to dine out. This place has been my regular place for brunch on Monday. A brunch for two pax, generally within RM20 including drinks (1 meat, 1 soup with veges, 2 white rice). Not the cheapest but compared to the last regular place, this place is still within our budget.

There have variety of dishes to choose from. Our favourite combination is always salted fish pork and ABC pork ribs soup. Black pepper pork rice is also not bad as it comes with fried egg.

There also have dumplings. Tastes not bad too.

This is the ABC soup, RM6.50 including rice. Contains white radish, carrot, pork ribs, potato and corn.

Salted fish pork. This is my bro's favourite. It goes well with rice, trust me.

The white radish soup. The pork ribs in the soup is not hard to chew. If you want to go for healthier lunch, you can opt this.

Hakka salt-baked chicken. Every time I came here, this dish always out of stock as the vendor only prepared it with limited quantity. Recently the vendor has increased the quantity so we managed to try it out. Unlike the ordinary chicken rice, the chicken meat is slightly dry, no water added because it's baked with salt. It tastes delicious though. Worth to have a try.

I have to use Noodle Expert's map for the time being as Fam's has not reviewed in Google map yet.

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