November 24, 2017

Magenta Restaurant @The Square Tower Waterfront, Kuching

Address: The Square Tower Waterfront, Jalan Barrack, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak
Business hours: Monday - Sunday 5:00pm - 12:00am

After the meal at It Hng Teochew Restaurant, we had second round of dinner. My friend was longing to try out the pasta I had many years back at Magenta. He watched me slurped down the whole plate of pasta, deemed it must be delicious.

Previously Magenta was located at Old Courthouse, not long ago they moved to The Square Tower at waterfront.

The dining place is located at upstairs. Accessing to upstairs is quite a challenge, it's a twisted staircase. It's quite narrow and steep. If you are wearing short skirts, not advisable to dine at upstairs. Or you can choose the table outside the premise.

The menu is here. Sorry for the blurred pictures, the place is dim and poor lighting for taking photograph. It supposed to be a romantic place, but it ain't romantic because of the unmatched tables and chairs. The view is not as great too because the window size is small and you can't enjoy the whole night view of the river and Astana.

Magenta is supposed to be a high class restaurant. So the pricing is higher as expected.

My friend asked me why I wanted to take the picture of the drinks as it's nothing interesting. Hmm.. Why not? They are using a plastic glass. That's what I want to point out. Don't you think it spoils the whole thing?

Lime Leave Seafood Fettuccine, RM36. My friend said it was not that tasty as he expected. I think the quality has dropped, the sauce was quite watery as compared to last time. 

Chef's Salmon, RM42. The plate is huge, it makes the content looks so petty. The pan-fried salmon was fresh so it also elevated the taste.

The total bill was about RM90++. My friend foot the bill. Personally I don't think I will come here again or recommend any friend to try out. Perhaps this place is more suitable for tourists?

The map to Magenta Restaurant:

November 18, 2017

By Invitation: Nando's #Everyone's Platter for 4

Last night I attended Nando's Christmas dinner party at The Spring shopping mall. Next month Nando's is going to launch their new menu named #EVERYONE's platter in conjunction with Christmas celebration. It's only available for the month of December.

We were free to ask for any drinks on the menu, so I asked for Sparkling Apple and my friend had the Peach Perfect.

Their signature sweet potato fries. I couldn't stop myself having this fries, its crispiness and dipped it with the sauce provided, tastes heavenly good.

The platter includes the whole grilled chicken, and the side dishes: mushroom, corns, wedges, salad, and Mediterranean rice. A set of this #Everyone's platter costs RM99 which is RM24.75 per pax. It's a good deal as this set also includes 4 bottomless Coca-cola.

The staff passed me a knife to cut the chicken. I was quite puzzle at first. Based on her explanation, the original butterfly cut chicken will remains juicy and tantalizing if uncut. It didn't take me much effort to cut it into 4 pieces, pretty easy than I thought. The well marinated chicken was delicious, like the staff mentioned, it was remained juicy.

After the main course, they served us the desserts as well. The red velvet cake and caramel cheesecake. Unfortunately it's not to our liking. The texture was quite hard and not moist.

November 14, 2017

It Hng Teochew Restaurant @Jalan Padungan, Kuching

Address: MBKS Swimming Building, Jalan Padungan, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak

This Teochew restaurant has been existing for long time but I never been here until last week. I brought a friend here for dinner. It shares the same entrance with MBKS swimming pool. The restaurant is located on first floor.

The restaurant is actually a hall with stage. There has a few private rooms too.

A female staff came to take our order. We planned to order their signature dishes, at least the famous Teochew steamed fish or something. We asked her for fish, but the staff recommended us deep-fried anchovies. So unattractive right.. Anyway, we thought it's the freshest fish they got. So based on her recommendation, we ordered pork stomach pepper soup, deep-fried anchovies, and stir-fried green amaranth. It was just two of us, the staff put a stop to it after we ordered three dishes. Maybe she deems the signature dish portion is too huge for us? Or we look like cheapskate?

The taste was quite good actually, but nothing impressive. Total bill only RM27++. It was cheap but we were not even half full. So I brought my friend to Magenta after this.

The map to It Hng Teochew Restaurant:

November 7, 2017

Kim Hing Lee 金興利生肉面 @TT3 Commercial Center, Kuching

Address: Sublot 8, TT3 Commercial Center, Jalan Canna, 93350 Kuching, Malaysia
Business hours: 6:30am - 4:00pm (Monday - Sunday)


Now you don't have to fly to KK for the authentic Sabah pork noodle (sang nyuk mian), it's now available in Kuching. I have tried the famous pork noodle at Kim Hing Lee in KK this year in May. When my bro showed me that he has discovered a new place to have sang nyuk mian, the name "Kim Hing Lee" is not unfamiliar to me. I was thrilled and wanted to try it out. So here we were last week, we came here for brunch.

As we were entering the shop, I noticed the staff was inserting charcoal into the stove. They are actually using the charcoal stove to boil the pork meat and ingredients.

The poster on the wall is exactly the same like the main branch I visited in KK.

Menu and pricing.

We ordered one small (RM8) and one big (RM10). Here's the comparison of its sizes.

A close up view of my bowl. The taste wise, it's not much difference from the one I had in KK. But somehow their meat slice was not as soft.

The noodle. First bite of this, instantly differentiated it's not as good as the main branch in KK. The lard is not as strong aroma and thick in flavour. Plus the yellow noodles they used is the noodles pack on shelf in supermarket. I was quite disappointed with the texture of their noodles.

I must give a credit to their chilli sauce. If you enjoy a high level of spiciness, you would like this. This could numb your tongue (maybe not to you but me), it's very syiok to dip it with the sang nyuk meat slice. Hope they will continue to use the same breed of chillies.

Overall, the taste was good. It's worth visiting if you are the type who enjoy noodles with lard. I doubt if this owner is related to Kim Hing Lee's owner in KK as she mentioned she has a family member living in Kuching.

The map to Kim Hing Lee in Kuching:

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