November 7, 2017

Kim Hing Lee 金興利生肉面 @TT3 Commercial Center, Kuching

Address: Sublot 8, TT3 Commercial Center, Jalan Canna, 93350 Kuching, Malaysia
Business hours: 6:30am - 4:00pm (Monday - Sunday)


Now you don't have to fly to KK for the authentic Sabah pork noodle (sang nyuk mian), it's now available in Kuching. I have tried the famous pork noodle at Kim Hing Lee in KK this year in May. When my bro showed me that he has discovered a new place to have sang nyuk mian, the name "Kim Hing Lee" is not unfamiliar to me. I was thrilled and wanted to try it out. So here we were last week, we came here for brunch.

As we were entering the shop, I noticed the staff was inserting charcoal into the stove. They are actually using the charcoal stove to boil the pork meat and ingredients.

The poster on the wall is exactly the same like the main branch I visited in KK.

Menu and pricing.

We ordered one small (RM8) and one big (RM10). Here's the comparison of its sizes.

A close up view of my bowl. The taste wise, it's not much difference from the one I had in KK. But somehow their meat slice was not as soft.

The noodle. First bite of this, instantly differentiated it's not as good as the main branch in KK. The lard is not as strong aroma and thick in flavour. Plus the yellow noodles they used is the noodles pack on shelf in supermarket. I was quite disappointed with the texture of their noodles.

I must give a credit to their chilli sauce. If you enjoy a high level of spiciness, you would like this. This could numb your tongue (maybe not to you but me), it's very syiok to dip it with the sang nyuk meat slice. Hope they will continue to use the same breed of chillies.

Overall, the taste was good. It's worth visiting if you are the type who enjoy noodles with lard. I doubt if this owner is related to Kim Hing Lee's owner in KK as she mentioned she has a family member living in Kuching.

The map to Kim Hing Lee in Kuching:


  1. Whoops CLOSED already. Too bad. Kuching market not like Kota Kinabalu many visitor patron shop.

    1. Yeah. If not mistaken, the one at Premier 101 also closed already.


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