November 24, 2017

Magenta Restaurant @The Square Tower Waterfront, Kuching

Address: The Square Tower Waterfront, Jalan Barrack, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak
Business hours: Monday - Sunday 5:00pm - 12:00am

After the meal at It Hng Teochew Restaurant, we had second round of dinner. My friend was longing to try out the pasta I had many years back at Magenta. He watched me slurped down the whole plate of pasta, deemed it must be delicious.

Previously Magenta was located at Old Courthouse, not long ago they moved to The Square Tower at waterfront.

The dining place is located at upstairs. Accessing to upstairs is quite a challenge, it's a twisted staircase. It's quite narrow and steep. If you are wearing short skirts, not advisable to dine at upstairs. Or you can choose the table outside the premise.

The menu is here. Sorry for the blurred pictures, the place is dim and poor lighting for taking photograph. It supposed to be a romantic place, but it ain't romantic because of the unmatched tables and chairs. The view is not as great too because the window size is small and you can't enjoy the whole night view of the river and Astana.

Magenta is supposed to be a high class restaurant. So the pricing is higher as expected.

My friend asked me why I wanted to take the picture of the drinks as it's nothing interesting. Hmm.. Why not? They are using a plastic glass. That's what I want to point out. Don't you think it spoils the whole thing?

Lime Leave Seafood Fettuccine, RM36. My friend said it was not that tasty as he expected. I think the quality has dropped, the sauce was quite watery as compared to last time. 

Chef's Salmon, RM42. The plate is huge, it makes the content looks so petty. The pan-fried salmon was fresh so it also elevated the taste.

The total bill was about RM90++. My friend foot the bill. Personally I don't think I will come here again or recommend any friend to try out. Perhaps this place is more suitable for tourists?

The map to Magenta Restaurant:


  1. tonight table untuk 2 couple 1 baby.. . available x?

    1. Hi, please check their FB page for number to make reservation.


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