January 31, 2018

Yo Yo Cafe 摇摇冰咖啡室 @Parkcity Commerce Square, Bintulu

Address: No. 358, Survey Lot 4017, Jalan Diwarta, Phase 5, Parkcity Commerce Square, 97000 Bintulu, Sarawak.
Business hours: Monday - Saturday 8:00am - 5:30pm (Sunday Off)

If you are hungry in late noon in Bintulu, Yo Yo Cafe is a good place to have tea break. They have assorted of traditional kuih muih, curry puff, you tiao, popiah, steamed buns, nasi lemak, etc.

I missed this place because of its yo yo shaved ice. There's no other place that serve this kind of shaved ice. So far I have not found one yet in Bintulu and Kuching. Different from Taiwan shaved ice, Yo Yo's shaved ice is slightly coarse. The choice of flavours is quite limited, red bean, sweet corn, lychee, and sour plum.

Red bean and sweet corn shaved ice.

The texture of Yo Yo shaved ice.

The map to Yo Yo Cafe:

January 23, 2018

Makan-makan the best in Bintulu

The best place to have supper in Bintulu, Spring Garden Cafe. These are what we normally would order at Spring Garden. Pork innards, stir-fried kangkong with garlic, deep-fried chicken feet, cockles.

The best kampua, Stall No. 52 at Pasar Utama Bintulu. The noodles are handmade by themselves.

The best beef noodle soup, Yee Chwan Cafe.

Among all, mother's homecook is still the best.

January 19, 2018

Wedding Reception @Li Hua Hotel 麗華大酒店, Sibu

Address: Long Bridge Commercial Centre, Pekan Sibu, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak.

My bro tied the knot last month. As majority of our relatives are staying in Sibu, they are aged and not that convenient to travel far distant. So my dad decided to hold a small wedding reception at Li Hua Hotel in Sibu. Although the hotel is an old building, but still looking pleasant. The hall can fit in 15 tables, just sufficient for us to host our guests.

My dad booked 14 tables at RM650 a table, 9 dishes. I do not want to elaborate more on the dishes, just show you the pictures. Except the black chicken soup, 8 dishes are shown below:

I love their assorted platter here. Thumbs up for all.

Yam basket. The mixed veges was good but the yam tasted alright only.

Sesame chicken.

Sweet and sour deep-fried cod fish. This fried cod fish was really a surprise to me. Normally we would choose steamed fish menus but never tried the deep fried cod fish before. They cooked it perfectly well. the meat was still soft, not overly deep-fried. The strips on top is made of potato. It's like eating the potato sticks.

Beef tendon and sea cucumber.

Roast duck with buns.

Prawns, quite ordinary taste but the prawns were fresh.

Dessert, we had cream puffs.

The customer service was excellent, the staffs were friendly and experienced. I believe some of the staffs have served very long term in the company. Even though the price is slightly more expensive than the banquet we had in Kuching, well..  different menus different pricing.

The map to Li Hua Hotel in Sibu town:

January 10, 2018

Happiness Cafe 幸福園饮食坊 @Jalan Delta, Sibu

Address: No. 1D & 1E, Lane 4, Jalan Delta, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak.
Business hours: Tuesday 6:30am - 1:00pm; Wednesday - Monday 6:30am - 1:00pm, 5:00pm - 10:30pm

After breakfast at Chop Hing Huong, we stopped by Happiness Cafe to meet family members as they chose to have breakfast here. This coffee shop is located in housing area, Delta Road. Variety of choices here, there's a Malay food stall here too. My uncle paid a high compliment on the ding bian hu here. So out of curiousity, I also tempted to try it out.

My parents liked the kampua here. The texture was good but the lard aroma wasn't strong enough. For me, there's no kampua can compete with the kampua at Pasar Utama Bintulu.

Here's the ding bian hu. My uncle said it has lots of ingredients. Yes, it does have more ingredients but frozen fish cakes and fish balls. And they used kueh chap's flat rice noodles not the traditional form of ding bian hu. This should not called ding bian hu. They should name it differently.

The map to Happiness Cafe:

January 4, 2018

Revisit Chop Hing Huong 興園餐室 & Xiu Long Confectionery 小龍餅家, Sibu

Address: 2-40, Jalan Tukang Besi, Pekan Sibu, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak.
Business Hours: Monday - Saturday 6:00am - 5:30pm, Sunday 6:00am - 12:30pm

Last week my family drove to Sibu for my bro's wedding reception. Again we tried to squeeze a time for this famous "ding bian hu" 鼎边糊. I just found out, this is the third post of Chop Hing Huong in my blog. Despite my uncle and aunt in Sibu keep recommending us to try out ding bian hu at other coffee shops, but we are still not convinced. Next post I'll blog the other ding bian hu we've tried.

This time I embedded videos in this post. 

They still do it traditionally, use the stone grinder to grind rice freshly everyday.

Ok, shame on me. I didn't know they sell also Foochow fried noodle and noodle soup. First tried their fried noodle, not bad too. The noodle was wok-fried so it had the charred aroma. The gravy was not as thick, quite watery but flavourful.

While waiting for my food to be served, I always sneak to the next door for their egg cakes. The egg cake should be their signature. We have tried their gong pia / kompia. Not so recommended, as their gong pia is oven machine baked not using the traditional clay oven.

First time I tried this modified version of "Jun Nu Piang", the sweet and soft version of gong pia. The yellow layer on top is butter. I was quite impressed with its taste, it was surprisingly good. It reminds me of Hong Kong's polo bun. But it's best to consume while it's still fresh. The next day the bread would turn harder, the texture gradually deteriorated.

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The map to Chop Hing Huong:

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