January 19, 2018

Wedding Reception @Li Hua Hotel 麗華大酒店, Sibu

Address: Long Bridge Commercial Centre, Pekan Sibu, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak.

My bro tied the knot last month. As majority of our relatives are staying in Sibu, they are aged and not that convenient to travel far distant. So my dad decided to hold a small wedding reception at Li Hua Hotel in Sibu. Although the hotel is an old building, but still looking pleasant. The hall can fit in 15 tables, just sufficient for us to host our guests.

My dad booked 14 tables at RM650 a table, 9 dishes. I do not want to elaborate more on the dishes, just show you the pictures. Except the black chicken soup, 8 dishes are shown below:

I love their assorted platter here. Thumbs up for all.

Yam basket. The mixed veges was good but the yam tasted alright only.

Sesame chicken.

Sweet and sour deep-fried cod fish. This fried cod fish was really a surprise to me. Normally we would choose steamed fish menus but never tried the deep fried cod fish before. They cooked it perfectly well. the meat was still soft, not overly deep-fried. The strips on top is made of potato. It's like eating the potato sticks.

Beef tendon and sea cucumber.

Roast duck with buns.

Prawns, quite ordinary taste but the prawns were fresh.

Dessert, we had cream puffs.

The customer service was excellent, the staffs were friendly and experienced. I believe some of the staffs have served very long term in the company. Even though the price is slightly more expensive than the banquet we had in Kuching, well..  different menus different pricing.

The map to Li Hua Hotel in Sibu town:

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