February 4, 2018

Hon Hin Cafe 豊興茶室 @Jalan TAR, Kuching

Address: 174, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuching, Sarawak
Business hours: Monday - Sunday 6:00am - 2:00pm

Which kolo mee in Kuching is your favourite? Would like to recommend you one of the famous kolo mee in Kuching now. I hadn't visited Hon Hin Cafe for century until recently. As I needed new materials to write my blog so I made the visit solely on this purpose. Hon Hin Cafe is just adjacent to the Chong Choon Cafe, I had laksa more frequent.

The kolo mee here is very popular, if not mistaken the lady vendor is relative to the owner of Sin Lian Shin 新联成. Her kolo mee noodles usually sold out around 10:30am. So if you want to have kolo mee here, you have to come early before 10am. I made two visits because the first visit I didn't manage to try out the noodles. So I had kueh tiaw instead. The second visit, I came slightly earlier, around 10:50am. The noodles sold out but I got it by luck because a lady cancelled her order right on the spot when I was about to leave.

The kolo kueh tiaw I had on my first visit. I was informed the noodles sold out after I'd waited for a while. Despite I placed my order first with the staff, I noticed the vendor reserved the noodles for her frequent customers who ordered after me. And yet, their food was served before me. Oh well.. anyway, it's better you order with the vendor direct.

On my second visit, finally managed to have this set of noodle with a bowl of pig's organ soup.

The pork liver wasn't fully cooked, so it remained soft and smooth. The broth was really rich in flavour, best match with the noodle. You have to stir the noodle evenly when it's served, otherwise it can be quite dry. If not mistaken, a set of this is RM7.

The map to Hon Hin Cafe:

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