April 19, 2018

Pork Innards Noodles 猪杂面 @Wah Juan Coffee Shop 華園茶室, Kota Kinabalu

Address: Jalan Lee Thau Sang, Pekan Tanjung Aru, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Business hours: 8:00am - 10:30am (could be finished earlier if on high demand)

On April fool, I spent a night in KK together with my mum before flying off to Taiwan the next day. We stayed at Pekan Tanjung Aru, passed by this Wah Juan Coffee Shop that I recalled it's the shop I ever visited with my colleagues on company trip in 2010. The pork innards noodles did give me a big impression.

We went there around 8:45am. The shop was packed. Quite a few customers standing waiting to get a seat, and we were one of them. Have to aim and wait patiently for the customers to end their chat and finish their drinks. I don't usually like to visit this sort of shop which requires you to wait for a table. Since I have been wanting to have it again, I insisted to wait.

Finally we got the table. I placed my order with the taukenio instead of the lady staff. The table next to ours placed their order with the staff. They came later than us but the food served earlier than us. Though I was quite unpleased with it but nothing I can do. At least the taukenio still remembered my order.

Roughly waited 20 minutes. Finally we can savour our pork innards noodle. They always serve a bowl of soup along with the noodles. The soup was flavourful. And the chilli sauce also specially formulated, a good match to dip with the pork innards.

The noodle is mushy, similar to our Foochow kampua, it's not chewy type. Guess the elderly will appreciate this kind of noodle. The noodle is not to my liking but I did really enjoy eating the pork innards. It was braised until tenderly soft, easy to chew. The flavour of spices penetrated thoroughly in every piece of the organs.

I thought the long wait would take more than an hour, but 20-30 minutes of waiting time is still acceptable for me (as long as I don't have to wait under the hot sun).

The map to Wah Juan Coffee Shop:

April 14, 2018

Review: IRVINS's Salted Egg Vs The Golden Duck's Salted Egg

This salted egg thingy has created a hype since last year. When I visited Singapore in January, the salted egg fish skin was all the time "out of stock" at every outlet I passed by. So I only managed to get a pack of IRVIN's salted egg potato chips. My friend bought another competitive brand, "The Golden Duck" for me to do comparison.

A small pack of IRVINS's salted egg potato chips below costs S$8, about RM23.66. It's pricey for me. The packaging itself is nearly a quarter of the cost, I guess. The big pack costs S$16.

Nevertheless the potato chips taste good. The taste is sort of expected. It's potato chips coated with salted egg. The chip has strong aroma of salted egg and curry leaves. It's crispy and every chip is evenly coated with salted egg yolk.

Another brand is The Golden Duck. Slightly cheaper than IRVINS S$7, it's about RM20.70. The packaging designs between the two, IRVINS's more attractive.The Golden Duck's packaging design is more conservative.

Compared to IRVINS's potato chips, The Golden Duck's chips are thinner. But the crunchiness wasn't as great as IRVINS. More over the salted egg yolk is quite lumpy and powdery, not evenly coated on chips.

The Golden Duck's salted egg fish skin. My first attempt of fish skin was at Black Society restaurant. It's addictive even without the flavour of salted egg yolk.

The texture of salted egg fish skin was good on average. Like its potato chips, the salted egg yolk is not evenly coated on fish skin as well. The taste was predictable, didn't give me much surprise.

Between IRVINS and The Golden Duck's salted egg potato chips, I vote a credit to IRVINS. In terms of price, The Golden Duck is cheaper. However, this snack is categorised as high price. Not everyone can afford to buy it for party nor self-consumption. Will just give it a try or buy as a gift for family members.

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