April 26, 2018

Welcome Seafood Restaurant 大茄來海鲜餐廳 @Asia City, Kota Kinabalu

Address: Ground Floor, G-15 - G-18 , Asia City , Jalan Coastal , Kota Kinabalu , 88000 Kota Kinabalu , Sabah, 88000, Malaysia.
Business Hours: Monday - Sunday 12:00pm - 12:00am 
Tel: +60 88-447 866 

If you are seafood lover, the best choice to settle dinner in KK is Welcome Seafood Restaurant. The seafood is fresh and the price is reasonable. My first visit was in May last year, blogged it here.

Steamed white prawns (RM21) is my favourite, I have it only to go with rice.

Sweet corn crab meat soup (RM15). The soup was really thick, generous ingredients. However, the taste wasn't up to my liking.

Ceylon spinach stir-fried with fermented bean curd paste (RM12). I like this dish too, it tastes good as the strong aroma of fermented bean curd blends well with ceylon spinach.

Steamed sea snails (RM18). Always taking longer time for this dish to be served. Anyway, worth the wait. Tastes heavenly good when dip it with the fermented bean curd paste.

4 dishes, 2 bowls of rice and 2 glasses of drinks, the bill costs around RM78. Quite delighted as I was estimating about RM120.

The map to Welcome Seafood Restaurant:


  1. Hello TMY! Finally found your blog hahaha...

    1. Hi Irene, it must be hard to find.. haa..


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