May 8, 2018

Fun Taiwan Day 1: Kaohsiung (Hamasen 哈瑪星 & Liuhe Night Market 六合夜市)

Last month I travelled to Taiwan with my mum. She has been to Taipei for short stay before, as I have been to Taipei 2 times and Taichung 1 time. This trip I planned to explore Tainan. As we decided to head south, I had included Kaohsiung in our itinerary too. It's only approximately one hour car drive from Kaoshiung to Tainan.

We departed from Kota Kinabalu to Taoyuan International Airport on 02/04 at 6:10am. It was so convenient to take Grab car to airport even it was 4 o'clock in the morning. We arrived Taoyuan airport at 9:30am, bought an internet SIM pack, cleared custom, bought a new EasyCard and reloaded my old EasyCard then we took the MRT from Airport Terminal 1 to Taoyuan HSR Station.

This is the MRT route map. So excited to use this new MRT line as it is just opened last year March.

On the way to Taoyuan HSR Station.

Bought our tickets to Zuoying HSR station (Kaohsiung), departure time 12:10pm. One pax NT$1330. Sorry mum.. I betrayed you by showing your face to the world (although she can't read, guess she won't find out?).

Our first meal in Taiwan, the in-trend "dirty" bread with strawberry flavour. The texture wasn't great as expected though.

At the platform No. 8, waiting for HSR (High Speed Rail).

Waiting for MRT to Formosa Boulevard Station 美麗島.

We are here at Formosa Boulevard Station, the ranked second-most beautiful metro station in the world because of this beautiful glass work, the "Dome of Light".

This is the hotel we stayed in Kaohsiung. Few steps of walk from Formosa Boulevard Station. Quite convenient location as the famous Liuhe night market is just within 5 minutes walking distance too.

Our room at Start Hotel, two nights at only NT$1908 approximately RM253. I booked through Every room is even equipped with a massage chair.

After rest for several minutes, we started our first day sightseeing. I didn't have the detailed plan, just followed the flow. First stop, Sizihwan Station. We just tailed the tourists, in front of us was the big field, Hamasen Railway Cultural Park. It's actually the old rail yards. My mum only knows the V gesture when asking her to pose.

There are a number of art pieces displayed here, they are made from metal taken from old rail yards.

Hamasen Museum of Taiwan Railway 哈瑪星鐵道館. These buildings were actually sugar warehouse in the past.

I brought my mum to sit on this mini train. She resisted at first, I ignored her rejection. I forgot how much I have paid for the ticket. But it was real fun. Adults and kids would love to ride on it. Look at how happy my mum is in the video.

This is how the mini train looks like.

Dug out the tickets. NT$149 for the mini train ride.

We walked further, arrived at Banana Pier. Why it's called Banana Pier? I was quite puzzled with the name at first until I learnt its history. In fact, this pier was used to export banana.

The sunset view at Banana Pier.

Bought this banana ice cream from Banana Pier. Surprisingly nice.

Pier2 Art Center, 駁二藝術特區. The free outdoor art gallery, a good place to take pictures.

My mum's V gesture emerged again.

We took the circular light rail for a few stops, found out the route is really too long to sit on. Out of exhaustion, we detoured back to the direction of our hotel for Liuhe night market. We settled our dinner here.

I wasn't keen to have this Taiwanese sausage at first. But I got attracted to the vendor's certificate displayed at stall front then decided to try it out.

They are so advanced, you can even use Alipay to pay in night market.

To my surprise, the taste was great because of its ingredients. Sweet and sour, highly recommended.

This Taiwanese aboriginal pork-ribs also not bad. Worth to try. Best if you can drink beer with this.

I had this fried noodles with eel. Too bad, its taste was just average.

The map to Liuhe Night Market:

Lastly, let me show you the benefit of staying at this hotel. They provide the snack bar which located on the first floor. You are free to take whatever you like. Bear in mind, the hotel is only NT$954 per night. I like its salted egg crackers the most.

The view of the hotel snack bar. Coffee, tea bags, instant noodles, snacks, packet and bottle drinks in fridge.

Zzz.. Took me hours to upload the photos and videos in this post. The time now is 1:30am. Good night pals.

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