May 26, 2018

Fun Taiwan Day 4: Tainan (Confucius Temple 孔子廟, Anping Tree House 安平樹屋, Anping Old Fort 安平古堡, Flower Night Market 花園夜市)

Second day in Tainan, I didn't know what to have for breakfast as we faced the difficulty to travel on foot. So we referred to the recommendations provided by our Airbnb host. We chose Ah He Minced Pork Rice (阿和肉燥飯) which takes only 4 mins walk from our guesthouse.

It took me sometime to find the shop using Google map. I couldn't really figure out which direction I should head to, turn left or right. It provides no indication when you walk. Nevertheless we found it.

We ordered two minced pork rice, one fish balls soup, one cabbage dish, and one fish skin soup.

The portion was quite little actually. The pork meat was unbeatably tasty, the fat might look greasy but it melts in your mouth. Not oily as you thought. No regret to pay visit here.

The fish skin soup is another must have in this shop. The clear soup had no fishy smell at all because the fish was real fresh. We super loved this soup.

The map to 阿和肉燥飯:

After breakfast, we started our sightseeing plan. First stop, the Confucius Temple 孔子廟 as it's within walking distance. We arrived at Fuzhong Street, Kongmiao Shopping District 孔廟商圈.

Mum wanted to try the almond milk.

I chose to have cappuccino and sandwich. The small cafe is run by a married couple, quite a cosy place.

Later we passed by this DIY traditional sugar cookie (椪糖) which you can learn it hands-on to burn the sugar until it inflated.

The entry to Confucius Temple.

Entry ticket costs NT$15 per adult.

The Confucius Temple was under repair, not accessible.

Tainan Sightseeing Bus route map. The fare is not cheap, NT$300 and valid for 4 hours only. One day pass costs NT$500.

For detailed information of Tainan sightseeing bus, please click here.

We waited for a while for the sightseeing bus but decided to take taxi instead. Next destination, Anping 安平. This place you can visit the tree house and the old fort. We visited Anping Tree House first and Anping Old Fort later.

The ticket to Anping Tree House is NT$50.

Visited the tree house, we walked to Anping Old Fort.

The entry ticket to Anping Old Fort is NT$50.

Exited from Anping Old Fort, we hang around Anping old street. Bought this tasty egg cake with assorted cute shapes.

This one was nice too. The cake is icy and very fragrant with different flavours.

We tried to get a taxi to leave Anping. But the road was so congested and the number of taxi was very rare. When we were walking down the road, I saw this place 周氏豆花 which selling soy bean pudding. Decided to give it a try.

The map to 安平周氏豆花:

It took us sometime to get on a taxi. The driver told us that they are having holidays, so there are many travelled from Taipei and other districts for the weekend. That caused the traffic jam in that area and many taxi drivers was avoiding to enter because they don't want to stuck in traffic jam.

Next stop, Garden Night Market 花園夜市, one of the biggest night markets in Tainan. We arrived there around 6pm. The vendors just started to set up their stalls. Not long after, the crowds started to flock in. We had to squeeze ourselves to pass through the path. I started feeling unwell, itchy throat.

We just randomly chose the stall which we don't have to wait long and have seats to dine-in. The instant noodles with cute poached egg. 

This stall 二师兄古早滷味 is very famous, selling stewed food such as chicken wings, duck wings, duck tongue, chicken feet, etc. Every queue line here was terribly long and squeezed.

This is how crowded the night market was.

The map to Garden Night Market 花園夜市:

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