July 25, 2018

Suukee The Original Hainanese Chicken Rice @Jalan Song, Kuching

Address: Lot 11376, Jalan Song, Tabuan Height Phase 7, Tabuan Heights, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak
Business hours: Monday - Sunday 8:00am - 9:00pm

Suukee The Original Hainanese Chicken Rice is located behind Top 10 Food Court at Jalan Song. Every time passed by the restaurant, the business seemed good. That day we didn't really have choice since it was late noon, so we patronized the chicken rice shop.

The menu. The price is slightly on the high side because of the atmosphere.

I ordered the original Hainan steamed chicken rice, RM8.80. The chicken meat appeared bloody, apparently it was undercooked.

My bro had the signature Hainan curry rice with roasted chicken. Same price at RM8.80. I thought the original chicken rice should be cheaper?

Also ordered a set of kaya butter toast, RM3.80.

When we were in the restaurant, the noise made mostly by the staffs who played and joked around. It's good that their relationship among colleague is maintained friendly but not appropriate to make noise in front of the customers. The girl (who assisted as the senior cashier was away) was really bad at math, even a simple calculation. Be watchful, have to double check if your change is correct.

The map to Suukee The Original Hainanese Chicken Rice:

July 17, 2018

319 Chin Siang Seafood @Hock Kui Commercial Centre, Kuching

Address: 3125 - 3126, Lrg Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce 20, Hock Kui Commercial Centre, 93150 Kuching, Sarawak
Business hours: Wednesday - Monday 10:30am - 10:00pm (Every Tuesday off)

The day landed in Kuching from Taiwan trip, my bro brought us here for dinner. The location is not so noticeable because its location is not facing main road. It's quite risky to open a restaurant here though. Unless someone has spread the word and recommended it, otherwise I don't think I would ever find out there's a restaurant there.

Butter prawns, this one was good. The butter sauce was thick enough and flavourful.

Sea cucumber soup, this is usually the soup we would order whenever we dine out.

Stir-fried kangkung (water spinach) with garlic. This was good, usually we get the kangkung stir-fried with garlic, and they have this deep-fried garlic on top. Awesome.

This is my bro's favourite, crabs with egg. I like crabs too but not as much as him. Usually it takes me long time to extract the crab meat and end up I lost appetite to finish my bowl of rice.

The first visit was good, and I got quite impressed with the food quality here. However, the second visit we got a let down. The steamed grouper fish smelled so fishy and too rough in texture. Usually the boss will be honest with you if the fish is fresh or not ok. But for some reasons, that grouper fish was really not ok for us. Price wise, quite reasonable. The service was good, served the food fast. It's a good place to bring big family or guests here for lunch or dinner.

The map to 319 Chin Siang Seafood:

July 7, 2018

Sarawak Laksa @Jia Yan Cafe 佳燕美食坊, Jln Simpang Tiga, Kuching

Location: Jalan Simpang Tiga, Kampung Kenyalang Park, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak (Opposite The Spring Shopping Mall, behind ST3)

The other day I overheard someone commented that the laksa at Jia Yan Cafe is the best laksa in Kuching. That really made me curious, so I made a visit on purpose.

The mentioned laksa stall. There's a typo here: Your "Preffered" Laksa. Small bowl RM5, big bowl RM6, special RM8.

I ordered a small bowl of laksa. The taste was quite good actually, slightly salty. The shrimps were fresh and the portion was acceptable for the price of RM5.

The next visit, I ordered black vinegar kolo mee from the kolo mee stall. The texture is not to my liking. The seasonings was not evenly mixed, and the taste was rather bland. However, my mum commented that their kampua was nice.

There's a stall selling variety of sandwiches too. Unfortunately they don't have the traditional toast.

The coffee shop was formerly known as Top One Food Court. The map of Jia Yan Cafe:

July 3, 2018

Fun Taiwan Day 9: Taipei (Fuhang Soy Milk 阜杭豆浆, Emanuel Fish Soup 以馬內利鮮魚湯 & Ximending 西門町)

It comes to the end of our Taiwan trip. Tuesday morning, finally got chance to buy breakfast at Fuhang Soy Milk again. The queue line during weekend morning is very ridiculously long every time. I ever tried to go after 6am, still got frightened off because of the queue. Back in 2010 and 2011, Fuhang was not that famous yet. I didn't have to queue, could still find a seat at window side and enjoy breakfast.

As I was impressed with the good taste of its thick bread with egg many years ago, I wanted my mum to have a bite of it too. Fuhang is closed on Monday. So Tuesday we went there to try our luck. Lucky enough, the queue was not long. Didn't have to queue at the staircase. They are very efficient, except some customers take long pause to order. The process is to order and pay to the assigned staff, then collect at the end of the counter.

The menu and pricing. The price is still reasonable. Refer back to the picture I took in 2010, they have increased price NT$5 for every item.

The menu board in 2010.

Thick bread with egg (厚餅夾蛋) NT$40,  soy milk (豆漿) NT$30, total NT$70.

I had it in 2010.

And I had it too in 2011.

My verdict, I was quite disappointed with the taste now. Its thickness was thinner, and the aroma of the bread wasn't fragrant like I had it in 2010 and 2011. The taste pretty ordinary, nothing is worth to brag about. Perhaps, it's due to the result of mass production? Nevertheless, their soy milk still remained good. Anyway, I don't think I'll revisit again after this visit.

Map to Fuhang Soy Milk:

After my breakfast at Fuhang Soy Milk, time to hunt food for my mum. I used Google map to search the food nearby with good review ratings. And found this dish that my mum would be interested to try, fish soup 鮮魚湯. The little food stall is located in a street alley. There are a row of food stalls here selling different dishes. This stall named Emanuel (以馬內利) has higher review rating though.

This is one of the best food I had in Taiwan during this trip. The fish is fresh enough so you don't find the soup with fishy smell. The soup base is clear but flavourful because of the strong aroma of basil leaves. My mum loves it, me too.

Ordered this fried rice vermicelli for my mum, she liked it too. She finished it all alone.

The map to Emanuel Fish Soup 以馬內利鮮魚湯:

Every trip I made to Taiwan, I never skipped to have Formosa Chang's minced pork rice. Despite I was superb full, I still ordered one small bowl of minced pork rice 魯肉飯 (NT$39) and reluctantly ordered another plate of bean curd 老皮嫩肉 (NT$29). As it might look not so right to pay only one dish NT$39 for two diners.

Next destination, we went to Ximending 西門町. The weather was hot, we just walked aimlessly.

Stopped by at Ujiemon 宇治右衛門 for matcha soft ice cream.

The matcha was strong in flavour, not bad. A nice retreat on a hot day.

I have tried this Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle on my first Taiwan trip in 2010. The thick gravy was too salty for me. I don't fond on this flavour.

In 2010, they were still using plastic bowl. Now it's served in disposable paper bowl. Something remained the same, we have to stand and savour it outside the shop.

Evening time, we took MRT to Taipei City Hall station again. Attracted to this croquant chou zakuzaku 棒棒泡芙.

A stick of ZAKUZAKU棒棒泡芙 costs NT$88. Even though quite pricey, but the taste was good.

The end of our Taiwan trip. The next morning we took the earliest MRT to Taipei main station, from there and we took the MRT to Taoyuan airport. Managed to catch our flight at 9:55am.

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