August 2, 2018

Hainanese Chicken Rice 理想海南鸡饭 @New King Wood Cafe 新金屋茶室, Bintulu

Address: No. 46, Ground Floor, Jln Abang Galau, New Commercial Centre, Sarawak, 97000 Bintulu, Sarawak (Next to Mastama Inn)

I was back to Bintulu my hometown last month. In Bintulu, you can find nice kampua and Foochow fried noodles. Limited food choice for lunch, and this Hainanese chicken rice is my brothers' favourite. They say it's the best chicken rice they ever had. The previous vendor has sold his secret recipe to the existing vendor, so the taste still remained the same. I have been there before, but I'm not really a fan of chicken rice so to be honest..  I can't tell the difference, except the chicken rice in Bangkok.

Overall the chicken rice was taste great. The meat was moist and medium soft, a plus point with a small bowl of soup. You can only order stir-fried vegetables so at least you will have a balanced meal.

The map to New King Wood Cafe:

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