August 16, 2018

Kuching Food Festival 2018 古晋美食节 (II)

Last Tuesday we went to Kuching Food Festival again to try out some food as recommended on Facebook. First stop, we queued for this onion pancake. Ordered the original version with egg, RM5. Quite expensive though.

The taste of this onion pancake was quite predictable. But it's not really like the Taiwan version. Not crispy, its taste is more similar to roti canai.

Souffle´ pancake, RM8. I ordered the salted cheese flavour, had to wait 30 minutes.

I didn't really have high expectation on this but it surprised me as it was really soft and fluffy.

This is potato cheese ball. We didn't finish it. The price at RM10 for 3 pieces is not really worth it. I guess it tastes better when served hot?

Hokkaido Cheese Toast, we would recommend this.

My bro is not the type of person who likes toast and bun. Surprisingly, he liked this. The cheese can pull really long.

As we were waiting for cheese toast, we noticed there were customers lining up for this. Out of curiousity, we also joined the queue.

The price is a bit pricey, RM8 for a fried kueh tiaw with duck egg. The portion is little. Luckily the taste was good.

My bro bought this Taiwan minced pork rice 嘉一台湾卤肉饭 again. Add-on braised pork skin. This time the rice was well-cooked.

My bro bought this pork satays. I had no idea which stall he got it from. It was really good taste, juicy and tender. Dip it with chilli sauce, it should goes well with rice, slurp! Highly recommended.

This is my bro's favourite, curry fish balls.

I wanted to try out the 24K Gold ice cream. When I walked up to the stall and saw the price, I turned rational and withdrew. RM18! What a rip-off.

Then I intended to try out this watermelon ice cream too. If the price is between RM8 - RM10, I can still accept the price. Walked toward to the stall, saw the price on menu RM12. Okay, turned and walked away. For me, most of the food price at Kuching Food Festival is not so friendly.

Kuching Food Festival will end on 19/08/2018. If you have not visited the place, please be fast.

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