August 8, 2018

Kuching Food Festival 2018 古晋美食节 (I)

Anyone here has been to Kuching Food Festival 2018? I went there with family last week. Too bad it rained when the crowd started to flow in, we had to quickly browse and randomly picked the food to buy. The variety of food was good, less duplication this year.

I don't understand why this fish (whitespotted wedgefish) is placed in the middle of the walkway. Is this appropriate? Clueless the purpose of displaying it.

I'm quite tempted to try this cone ice cream.

Not sure if this is the same vendor I bought the oyster pancake last year. The guy mentioned the waiting time was 30 minutes, I decided not to waste my time to wait.

If not mistaken, there are two stalls selling Souffle pancake. It's quite a new thing in Kuching.

We patronized this stall last year. This year we bought from them again, however... I got quite let down with the undercooked rice.

I bought oyster pancake from this stall. The oysters were not as juicy, the size of oyster is less than a thumb size. Overall the taste was good. We had to queue in the rain.

The can drinks were on stock clearance offer, I can't recall how much my bro has paid for it. RM10 for 5 cans? Its expiry date is August 2018 though. Total we have spent for all the food below was about RM100.

I might visit again to try out different food. Will blog it if any. Click HERE to view all my posts of Kuching Food Festival.

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