October 22, 2018

樂叔老西關名小食 @宝华路 Guangzhou, China

Address: 宝华路59号侧十五甫三巷

I went to Guangzhou again not long ago. That's the reason I was absent from my blog. Honestly speaking, visiting China during festive seasons (Mid Autumn Festival + China National Day) is really a bad idea. The MRT will be very crowded, the sightseeing places will be packed with tourists too.

I was planning to bring my friend to try out the famous fish skin dish from 陳添記 at 上下九街. I got quite stunned to see the long queues at each branch. Starved and we just randomly chose one to dine in. We got a seat at this 樂叔老西關名小食.

The congee 艇仔粥 is a must have in Guangzhou. The one we had here also not bad. And they have the fish skin dish 爽鱼皮 too. The texture is crunchy as well, no fishy smell at all. But the look might be a bit gross, it looks like snake skin to me. I got very nostalgic to see this glass bottle coke. Coca-Cola in glass bottle always tastes better than the ones in aluminium can and PVC bottle.

The fish skin dish costs RMB25 and congee RMB10. The food price in China is quite high. Generally MYR15 above, even at hawker stalls. Compared to my visit to Guangzhou two years ago, they are getting more advanced now. The cashless payment is very prevalent. All vendors are using Alipay and WeChat pay. I hope we can adapt to the change in Malaysia too. I just started to use Boost app last week. 

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