June 17, 2019

Jay Chou's 粮全其美 LIANG Sandwich bar @The Spring Shopping Mall, Kuching

Address: Lot No. B04, Basement Floor, The Spring Shopping Mall, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak.
Business hours: 10AM - 10PM

Have you tried LIANG Sandwich Bar yet? It has newly opened this end of April at The Spring Shopping Mall in Kuching. I had no clue about it until my sister-in-law asked for it. I used to be a fan of Jay Chou donkey years ago, his first two albums were my favourite. Now I seldom get up-to-date about his new albums nor news.

Back to the topic, its so-called sandwich is made of what we have best known as "Roti Canai" and combined the recipe with Taiwan's scallion pancake. Interestingly, they make it a sandwich with different types of ingredients such as satay chicken, sambal ikan bilis, black pepper chicken, mushroom & egg, cheese & egg, etc.

They have two best sellers: Satay Chicken Sandwich and LIANG Chicken Sandwich.

I had LIANG Chicken Sandwich, RM10.90.

The pancake is crispy, tastes good which is out of my surprise. I didn't hold any expectation beforehand.

The portion of its ingredients is acceptable for the price you paid (RM10.90). Contained egg, smoked chicken breast meat, lettuce, and hoisin sauce.

Despite its good taste, I still deem it's slightly overpriced. I have the hesitation to order its add-on, a slice of cheese RM3, an egg RM3, a chicken patty RM6.

The map to LIANG Sandwich Bar at The Spring Shopping Mall (Please take note that the location indicated herein is incorrect, it's located at Basement, not Ground Floor):

June 5, 2019

Ah Guan Kopitiam 源滿楼 @Taman BDC, Kuching

Address: No. 946, GF, Jalan Stampin, Taman BDC, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak
Business hours: Monday - Sunday 7:30am - 2:00pm, 5:30pm - 10:00pm (Thursday off)

These days I always settle my meals at BDC. I became a regular customer of this coffee shop. They have assorted toast breakfast sets, kolo mee, and fried dishes such as fried kway tiaw, fried rice, fried noodles, etc.

I usually have kolo kueh tiaw / kway tiaw for breakfast. It costs RM3.00 and comes with a small bowl of clear soup. You can notice the deep-fried lard bits on top. It's really flavourful, the best part is that it is not greasy. I am very particular about the thickness of kueh tiaw, and this vendor uses the right thickness of kueh tiaw that is perfect for kolo method (boiled and tossed).

KL Hokkien Mee (RM6.00). It's authentic to the Hokkien Mee in KL so the taste is slightly sweet.

Penang Wok Fried Kway Tiaw with Duck Egg (RM6.00). This is one of their signature dishes. The portion is bigger than my expectation, and it's only RM6.00. But somehow it's still lack of something which I can't justify. Too dry?

Big Breakfast Set RM18.50. Their breakfast sets are slightly pricey. But the taste is good and they are very hygienic. I usually order their egg or chicken breast sandwich. It's worth to give it a try.

Oh yeah, they also serve Western food in the evening. I haven't tried it yet. The Western food menu looks appealing. Should pay a visit next time.

The map to Ah Guan Kopitiam 源滿楼:

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