July 9, 2019

Teo Seafood 張海鮮廳 @Jalan Kampung Buntal, Santubong, Kuching

Address: 787, Jalan Kampung Buntal, 93010 Kuching, Sarawak
Business hours: Monday 5:30-9:30pm, Tuesday - Sunday 10:30am – 2pm, 3:30pm – 9:30pm

I brought my parents to Damai on the third day of Raya last month. After a long drive, we came here for lunch. As I have introduced Buntal 88 Seafood Centre before, this time I chose to dine at Teo Seafood. Next time I will try out the other two restaurants along the same road.

I have been to Teo Seafood before too. The service was good, and food serving time was quite fast too. The environment is breezy, quite a relaxed place for lunch and dinner.

Due to Raya holidays, the choices in the menus were limited. No clams, no fresh coconut. I ordered steamed prawns, sea cucumber soup, fried kangkong, curry bamboo clams, Teochew-style steamed fish.

The seafood was all fresh and I like every dish they served, especially the steamed prawns. It's my personal liking to eat prawns with plain taste. I don't like to eat prawns with flavours like salted eggs, butter style, etc. Steamed prawns with a dipping sauce like belacan or chili sauce are the best match to go with rice.

This is the small portion of sea cucumber soup. We have 3 pax, this portion is more than sufficient. The soup texture is thick, very flavourful.

Stir-fried kangkong with garlic. A vegetable dish is a must. At some restaurants, the kangkong would turn black after cooked, theirs was still greeny.

Curry bamboo clams. They have removed the clam shells for you. Very thoughtful.

My parents like to eat fish. The fish meat was smooth and tender. Taste sour because it's Teochew style, the broth goes well with rice too.

The map to Teo Seafood:

After lunch, brought my parents to Damai Central for a walk. It was my first visit too. Not much of attraction and the building is not well-maintained as well.

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