March 26, 2019

Soi 19 @Vivacity Megamall, Kuching

Location: L3-024, Vivacity Megamall, Jalan Wan Alwi, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak
Tel: 6082-263468

Last week had a birthday celebration for my bro. It was my treat so I let him choose the restaurant he wants to dine. He chose Soi 19 at Vivacity Megamall, Thai cuisine.

We go for Moo Kata the combo set. Moo Kata is a combination of Korean BBQ and steamboat.

Blue Pea Seacoco (RM7.50) & Ice Lemon Tea (RM7)

Thai Green Tea (RM7.00)

Setting up the mookata. Getting the fire on and wait for the waiter to signal us to start barbeque.

Our combo set, add-on 2 sets of 3-layer pork.

Slurp.. It looks so enticing. The soup was tasty and surprisingly flavourful.

3 different dipping sauce. I like the top two, the third one is thicker and tastes sweet. It's not spicy though.

Mince Pork Basil Rice (RM15.90), this one is not recommended. It tastes average and not spicy at all.

Mango sticky rice (RM12.90)

Coconut Ice Cream (RM7.90)

Fried Herb Chicken Wings (RM12.90)

Total spent RM174.30. I like mookata, we all enjoyed it a lot. If time is permitted, I would want to order the add-on lamb and pork.

The map to Vivacity Megamall:

March 17, 2019

Signature Madam Tang's Cafe @Brighton Square, Kuching

Address: 2E, Brighton Square, Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak
Business hours: Monday - Sunday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

I have been missing from my blog for some time after I run a shop. Did not have time to explore new place to dine. Don't really have time to update my blog. This Madam Tang's cafe I visited was weeks ago. It was in our consideration to dine-in because it's air-conditioned. Madam Tang started their business root at Petanak. It's not airconditioned like their branch at Brighton Square. Many years back, I tried their signature beef noodle at Petanak but I found it rather salty.

I am not sure if they have the same menu and pricing as the Petanak branch. It seems like Signature Madam Tang's Cafe at Brighton Square is more "classy". I browsed through the menu, found the price was much higher than my expectation. Oh, they even have lobster laksa.

The signature Sarawak laksa RM9.50 (take note that the price indicated has not include the service charge).

Claypot Rendang Chicken Rice  RM10.90

Mee Siam Special RM10.90

Chicken Teriyaki Rice RM11.90

Beef Kway Teow RM10.90

Taste wise, just average. It's expected because it's pretty much like SOP recipe. Another credit is that the portion is quite big. But I personally would not revisit unless certain circumstances.

The map to Signature Madam Tang's Cafe:

January 27, 2019

Noodle Experts 麵匠 @Kenyalang Park, Kuching

Address: Lot 10716, Kenyalang Park Shopping Centre, Jalan Sim Kheng Hong, Wisma Lai Suee Yian, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak
Business hours: Monday - Sunday 6:30am - 1:00pm

Have not updated my blog for some time as I had no time to try out other places. Usually had quick meal at place which was convenient to go. I have not been to Noodle Experts for long time. My old post of Noodle Experts was published in 2013.

I ordered the Mee Pok Set (RM8.00). The soup contains shrimp, pork liver, fish ball, meatball, 3-layer pork slices, beancurds and veges. The taste was flavourful, fresh ingredients and big portion. It's good that they used the freshly fried red onions, not the commercial pack which you can get off-the-shelf.

The noodle served was kolo mee, not mee pok (I asked for two mee pok sets). The noodle was tasted alright, not as aromatic and flavourful as the branch at Jalan Song. But I was quite pleased with its fried lard.

The map to Noodle Experts:

December 9, 2018

Yoogane Korean Cuisine @Vivacity Megamall, Kuching

Address: Level 3, Vivacity Megamall, Jalan Wan Alwi, 93350 Kuching
Business hours: 10:00AM - 10:00PM

My friend tried this dak galbi from Korea not long ago, had high praise on it so I suggested to my bro to have dinner here last Tuesday. Here we were, bumped into my bro's colleagues at the entrance who also had two thumbs up for their food.

We ordered the Yoogane Army Stew (RM89.90) as my SIL prefers to have soup and no spicy. I personally prefer to try their chicken galbi. Maybe I'll jio my friend to try it one day. They also provide two side dishes, kimchi and white radish.

The staff came to help us to cook from time to time until it's ready to serve. The mozzarella cheese is so enticing, it would be even taste better to stir fry it with noodle. 

The staff recommended this Chicken Galbi Cheesy Fried Rice to us, saying he has tried it and taste very good.

It was really cheesy indeed.

Overall, the food was good. But because it's a restaurant, the 10% service charge with 6% SST is really a kill. Even though their service was good. We paid about RM26 alone for the extra cost. I guess I'll have to think twice to have it again because of the extra charges.

The map to Vivacity Megamall:

November 29, 2018

Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap 家鄉牛什 @Tabuan Tranquility 3, Kuching

Address: Ground Floor, Lot 3261, TT3 Commercial Centre, Jalan Canna, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak
Business hours: Monday - Saturday 07:00am - 07:00pm; Sunday 07:00am - 05:30pm

I have not explore any new place for food in Kuching lately. My bro discovered this place from FB and brought us for its beef noodles. I just searched online and got to know it is from Miri.

They serve assorted beef dishes.

Besides beef, they have pork as well.

My mum and I ordered their signature dish, Ngau Chap Soup RM12.80. First time I tasted beef spleen, totally cannot accept the awful smell.

Beef Stew Meat Mee, RM9.80.

Slice Meat Mee, RM9.80.

My verdict, the soup is flavourful but it has one kind of smell which I don't really find it pleasant to taste. My brother likes it though.

The map to Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap:

November 18, 2018

Pretty FengHuang 俏凤凰苗家牛肉粉 @Comicity 动漫星城, Guangzhou, China

Address: 广东省广州市越秀区吉祥路1号

Pretty FengHuang at Comicity has one disadvantage because of its location in the mall. Not noticeable but the food quality and taste are impressive. It's located at a level below 遇见小面. We had been strolled at Comicity for few days and passed by this shop with less diners. I just stopped to view the menu to check out their specialty. They are specialized in beef and pork menu.

I was attracted to its sour soup beef vermicelli dish. Finally the next day we decided to give it a try.

This is my favourite, 帆爷酸汤肥牛粉. One of their top 4 signature dishes. The taste was really impeccably delicious, sourness of the soup was appetizing. Ingredients were generous and colourful, had mushroom, tomato, and broccoli.

My friend had 苗家红酸汤牛肉粉, one of their signature dishes too.

The next day we came back here again for dinner. And I had this 黄酸汤肥牛粉. Full of peppery taste and hot soup, less sourness but not a bad choice as well.

The map to Comicity 动漫星城:

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