June 13, 2018

Fun Taiwan Day 6: Tainan (Tainan East Traditional Market 台南東菜市場) & Taipei (Taipei 101 台北101)

Day 4 morning in Tainan, we were about to leave for Taipei on this day. Planned to have breakfast nearby, used the Google map and accidentally found a traditional market which is just located a few steps from our guesthouse. I got quite thrilled to have found this small place called "夜。牡丹", as I've seen this ever introduced by a Taiwanese TV programme before.

The shop can only accommodate 5 - 6 pax. Really compact. The vendor was quite emotionless. No greetings and focusing on cooking only.

They have 5 types of dishes: minced meat rice NT$30 (魯肉飯), oyster porridge NT$80 (蚵粥), seafood porridge NT$110 (海粥), and seafood udon NT$120 (海烏龍).

Mum had the fish porridge and I had the oyster porridge. The weather was cold and windy on this day, a hot bowl of this did help to warm up our body. I like this kind of porridge, clear soup and not sticky. Mum was enjoying her fish porridge as well, no filthy fishy smell.

There's another one stall selling Japanese sushi. Quite tempted to try it. Unfortunately, no more seating available so I cancelled my thought.

We took a tour at the traditional market after breakfast.

The map to 台南東菜市場:

After breakfast, we checked out from our guesthouse and proceeded to Kuo-Kuang bus station 国光客运. We took bus instead because the train tickets were fully booked. Inquired the staff at counter, the duration of the bus ride to Taipei is 4 hours plus which is equivalent to the train journey to Taipei. Most importantly, the bus ticket was only NT$460 per pax. A lot cheaper and a lot of empty seats.

I heard that Ho-Hsin buses are newer and more comfortable. http://www.ebus.com.tw/ Too bad I had purchased the tickets before I found it out. Ho-Hsin is just located next to Kuo-Kuang.

We arrived Taipei late noon. After checked in the guesthouse, we just randomly wandered. There's a McDonald's building near my guesthouse. I ordered a combo set of pork burger. It was nice to try different taste of McDonald's worldwide.

Next destination, uncertain. We stopped by National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall (國立國父紀念館) around 6pm. The door was closed for visitors. We just took a picture outside the premise and left.

Then we came here at Taipei City Hall station to do window shopping. *Please be careful when you shop at the departmental stores here. There will be a 3 - 4 girls standing at the escalator, then they will approach you by handing you a trial pack, saying it's free. Once you grab it, she'll ask you to fill up questionnaire. Begging you to help her as she has to fulfill the task. Please ignore them. We thought of helping her, ended up we were trapped by them for half an hour. They kept sweet talking to you, in the end they will still persuade you to buy their products.

We saw a LINE Cafe here. A huge Choco welcomes you here.

Our LINE friends, Sally, Brown and Cony.

Finally we reached Taipei 101 by walk. I wanted to bring my mum to the observatory. She told me if we have to pay, she rather not to go. But I enticed her to go, once in a lifetime. The night view of Taipei is unforgettably beautiful and can experience the speed of lift too.

The tickets to observatory, NT$600 per adult.

This globe is called tuned mass damper, it's used to stabilise the skyscraper.

Taking picture with the mascot of Taipei 101.

Map to Taipei 101:

We called it a day after visiting Taipei 101. Next coming up, the famous Zhuzihu calla lily farming village!

June 5, 2018

Fun Taiwan Day 5: Tainan (Old Tainan Magistrate Residence 知事官邸)

Third day in Tainan, I started to get sick. Lack of energy to travel far so we just did something more flexible and relaxing; took a walk in the neighbourhood area and shopping. There are shops along the road from Tainan Station, a shopping heaven in Tainan.

Wandering the area, following the pedestrians to cross the railways.

Weimin Street Underpass 衛民街彩繪巷. Passed through the entrance of this underpass, decided to enter and explore.

The other side of underpass, we saw this building in front of us. Old Tainan Magistrate Residence 知事官邸. Another historical place in Tainan. This building was served as a Royal Residence when Japanese Imperial Family members visited Taiwan. The Japanese Prince Hirohito (later Emperor Showa) stayed here before in 1923.

Corner of the room which the Japanese Prince Hirohito stayed. I like the antique chairs so much.

The staircase.

If not mistaken, the red bricks were handmade by prisoners.

The map to Old Tainan Magistrate Residence:

Bought two flavours of Castella cake to try. But it was too sweet for me.

We had our late lunch at Far Eastern Department Store (遠東百貨) food court. Mum had this wanton soup NT$130.

I had the Korean set lunch NT$150.

The map to Far Eastern Department Store:

That summed up our day 3 in Tainan. Mum had shopping spree at here. We had an early rest on this day as we'll leave Tainan for Taipei the next day. In the evening time, we went out to hunt for dinner. The eating places were so packed during peak hours, guess the food there must be taste nice. We settled our dinner at a "Japanese" restaurant (湯婆婆拉麵) that's quite local and not so authentic ramen. But the price is fairly cheap and they provide a jug of drinks (with three flavours to choose from) for free.

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